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Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Silver

World Illusion-Made Theater?

This was yet another different project by Lyteral: A doujinshi based on a Japanese TV staple, World Masterpiece Theater, which features series of animes based on classic novels. It’s by the circle adel-heid, featuring art by Hatch and Zukiki (Zukkiki?).

Needless to say, I didn’t have a clue to who the characters featured in this manga were, nor their backgrounds. Because I wasn’t too familiar with the subjects, I did a bit of research. And while I didn’t try to locate the various anime shows (too many episodes to even watch), I did read much about the various series featured in World Masterpiece Theater, skimmed through the original classic novels the various series were based upon, and if needed, looked for clips on YouTube. Quite a bit of background work for one manga, but I seem to pick up or accept projects that require that. O_o Luckily I find the learning aspect to be fun. ^_^

Often times, I would make note about the honorifics used in a manga; especially when the setting is in Japan! But because the various stories parodied in this manga take place in the United States and Europe, you shouldn’t find “sans” or “chans” or “senseis” here. (If you do, it’s a typo, and I humbly apologise for the error!) Although I did consider releasing a “Japanese honorifics” version for fun! ^_^

Anyhoo, tonight, I present to you Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Silver, which can be roughly translated as “World odd-but-interesting-work-of-art theater” Silver, among other things, and is a pun on Sekai Meisaku Gekijou, “World Masterpiece Theater.” I initially translated the title as “World Illusion-Made Theater.” I also tried making up some similar sounding titles like, “World Master Freak Theater,” and such. But they just didn’t seem to sit right with me. ^_^;;

Many thanks to Lyteral for his patience and for commissioning me for this project. ^/\^


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HAREM X HAREM – CH08, plus Complete Manga

Happy Easter, y’all. TENSHI

My initial plans was to take advantage of the weekend, work on as much stuff as possible, and post whatever is available on Sunday night. But I totally spaced and forgot that it’s Easter Sunday tomorrow, let alone Good Friday, yesterday. ^_^;;



That said, I bring you the 8th and final chapter of Harem x Harem (plus cover and postscript): Part 2 of “3 Gentle Molesters.”  1 girl, 3 guys: Sorta like “Marching Love Festival” in reverse… sorta…. It’s a long chapter, but it builds up the story well, IMHO.

This chapter is exclusively brought to you by The “Great Scott!” L. If it’s surprisingly good hentai, think “Great Scott!”



Harem x Harem by Zukiki: The complete manga, max quality version. Fully QCd with a few minor corrections made here and there (I forget exactly where); no alternate takes, except for my chapter notes on Chapter 6; and did I say this is the maximum quality version? Worth it for the watercolor-style art of Sophia with a flute between her legs! Photobucket

Many thanks to The “Great Scott!” L, JukanX, RSimm, and all the other sponsors for making this possible.

I initially wasn’t planning on cleaning page 4 (glue stain on the right side and all… At least I think it’s glue! XD); but since I was already going through all the motions of making a MaxQ version, I thought it’d be a shame not to! (See original raw image below for comparison.)

Again, Happy Easter, ‘all! ALOHA

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Harem X Harem – Chapter 7, plus Hoshino Fuuta Commission

It’s late and I got a busy day tomorrow…er… later today, so let’s get to it!

SPONSORED PROJECT: Harem x Harem – Chapter 7


I was hoping to finish both chapters 7 and 8 this weekend (among other things), but as usual, nothing turns out as one hopes. I did, however, managed to churn out chapter 7, so I’m releasing it now! I hope to get chapter 8 done within the next few days.

This chapter is brought to you by The “Great Scott!” L.  If you’re surprised by hentai, think “Great Scott!”

COMMISSION: “Touki Shukusha” by Hoshino Fuuta


This one-shot translation was commissioned by Zeikcied.

If it’s a story by Hoshino Fuuta, there’s really nothing much to say! ^_^

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Sponsored Project: Harem x Harem – Chapter 5 & 6


Sorry this took so long. I’ve been trying to juggle too many things lately, it seems. Photobucket

I present to you Chapters 5 and 6 of Harem X Harem.  The manga which proves, once again, that Japan’s high schools are the some of the best places to have uninterrupted sex! Photobucket

And I guess you can say chapter 5’s theme is, “It’s kind to be cruel.”

These chapters are brought to you by the “Great Scott!” L.

Economy getting you down?  Read hentai. And thank “Great Scott!”

Enjoy!  (As usual links will be posted when available)


  • Pehu: Thanks, Pehu. And thank you for visiting. If I don’t over-extend myself, I hope to have Chapter 5 of Koe De Oshigoto! out in a few weeks along with Chapter 6… which Eternia will be editing. As for Puberty Crazies, I estimate that’ll be another 2 or 3 weeks as well… Heavy duty editing on that one. ^_^;;
  • Eternia: LOL! Kinishinaide, Etery-chan.
  • Zathael: LOL! I think that’s one of the reasons this story is becoming so popular! It leaves a quite a bit to our own imagination, as well as Kanna’s!
  • Lacerta: Thanks! Sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner. I have no idea why you wouldn’t be able to access my non-hentai blog.
  • basax: Re: [Papiko Hiura] Boshi-kan. UR most welcum. Glad you liked it.

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Sponsored Project: Harem X Harem – Chapter 4, plus Commission: Anekata 1 & 2

As I mentioned on my last post, it’s a busy holiday season for me.  And though work delays me a bit on the translations, it nonetheless doesn’t stop me from bringing a couple of Holiday cheer!

Harem X Harem – Chapter 4


First up, Chapter 4 of Harem x Harem, and the final chapter for “Marching Love Festival.”  This chapter was a long one, by Hentai standards, but it rounds out the story quite well, IMHO.

This chapter is brought to you by “Great Scott” L.  (Not that I think he calls himself that, but for being the sole sponser of this chapter, he is “great,” indeed, IMHO!)  When there’s trouble and a need for hentai, think “Great Scott!”

I think I have too much fun making up corny slogans for sponsors…. The dangers of lack of sleep!  Many thanks to Scott L, though!

Anekata – Parts 1 & 2.


This is my first commission!  Brought to you by Commissioner Michael C.

With all the hentai that’s out there, I can easily overlook some real good artists like the artist of this story, Nao Kokonoki.  He/she has a style that reminds me of certain American, European, and Filipino artists.

The story also has some color pages which I took some time to clean up, so I’m presenting an HQ version here.

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