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DL-SOS Perfect Collection

Nagato Erotico

…or Yuki Nookie?

I wanted to post this a while ago, but I just kept delaying it for some reason. And just when I was uploading RAR files, I ended up making a few more corrections. *sigh*

This is one of those labor of love projects that I just wanted to undertake just because.

In this compilation, Yuka Nakajima went back and revised her drawings from the previous releases of Digital Lover 36 to 39. She even extended and modified a sequence of the story that was featured in DL37, and included 2 extra stories.

Unfortunately, for a manga that was entitled “perfect,” the scans I had to work with was unfortunately less than perfect. Still, scanning can be a long, boring, and tedious process, especially when dealing with 164 pages of manga like this one; so, I give kudos and my thanks to the scanner for even taking up the task. After all, without this scan, and the other scans (so many thanks to the other scanners as well!), I wouldn’t be presenting this English version here.

That said, I still felt this particular work of Ms Nakajima deserved much attention to detail… it was dubbed a “perfect Collection” after all. Thus, using the scans I had at hand, my edits from the previous releases and a number of Photoshop tools and tricks, including one or two that I just “discovered” during the editing process, it was my hope to present something that would indeed be deemed “perfect.” …Uhm… Barring any human errors on my part of course! ^_^;;

During the editing of this project, I drafted an essay(?) of sorts, more for vanity purposes than anything else, comparing changes made from the individual DL releases to this compilation.  I also briefly (very briefly–it’s not a tutorial) went over some of the editing involved in order to get this manga to look the way it does now. You can read all about it here.

Anyhow, without further ado, enjoy…

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D.L. Action 36

The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato

I’m still in the middle of editing chapter 2 of Gift. Unfortunately, for some reason this week, I digressed and had the yen to finish up D.L. Action 36, which I had started back in November! Okay. Just so you know, that’s not the real sub-title of the manga; however I realized that the story sorta revolves around “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya”‘s plot, so…

Anyhow, although PIP made the suggestion (see his comment here), this is not a re-edit of the version Takehiro did a couple of years ago. I had a different take on much of the text than Takehiro, so I just ended up re-translating it.

I’m posting this before I head out to the office, ‘coz I was too tired to post before I went to bed this morning, around 2 AM. Plus I’ll be working late tonight, and I have the kids this weekend, so posting tonight may be sorta difficult. Hopefully my internet or my PC don’t shut down and reset, thus losing my torrent connection, while I’m at work. ^_^;;

Still in the works…still…

What can I say, I have ADD and I didn’t get to finish…. whatever it was I was planning on finishing. Oh yeah! Are you looking forward to the Superbowl? I’m rootin’ for the underdog Saints, but they’ll prolly be toast and creamed! So sad. Creamed toast, whatta concept! That reminds me, gotta get some breakfast. Oh shit, gotta go! ^_^;;

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D.L. Action 39

Yuki and Kyon: Final Chapter?


Here’s the Digital Lover’s final story (that I know of) featuring Yuki and Kyon.

This translation is brought to you through the courtesy and generosity of the commissioner: Cloxx (

Enjoy! ^_^

In The Works…

I’m still going through a few more commissions, including 2 chapters from Appleton’s “Cherry Town”, as commissioned by Bre.

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D.L. Action 38

…But first a word from Sakura

OMFG! SHOCK2 (Couldn’t she have picked a better time and place!?)

(Go to HongFire or any other forums, if you want to discuss Naruto at length, btw… Thanks. ^_^)

And now, D.L. Action 38…

What about Haruhi?


Here is the second of Cloxx’s three commissions.  Check out Web-site von Cloxx für die bevorstehende deutsche version. Many thanks to Cloxx for commissioning this!  ^_^

In the works…

In between Cloxx’s commission(s), I started doing prep work for Onslaught1337’s commission: Black Dog’s “Tubular Bells.”

I was hoping to post this one tonight, but for some reason… as good as a scan this is… I’m having a shitty time reading Black Dog’s penmanship for this one. (I don’t recall having that difficult a time with the previous Black Dog manga.)  Not to mention, there’s a shit load of text to this one.  (I don’t recall the previous Black Dog manga having this much text!)  Anyhow, because of the difficulty in translating this one, I’m a bit delayed in getting this one out as originally estimated. And it don’t help that my regular job has been overly-over-demanding! In fact, I had planned on going to the office on Saturday, but I decided not to, just so I wouldn’t stress myself out… but I digress… With any luck, I hope to have this one out by Wednesday.

Happy belated Halloween, ‘all!

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D.L. Action 37

Sneaking in this post before I pick up the kids…

Yuki & Kyon!?

. . . .

This one is an unusual commission. Cloxx of Deutsche Doujins commissioned me to translate it in English so he could eventually edit the German version. At first, I wasn’t interested in editing it myself, and Cloxx only wanted to pay for the translation; so, I started to work only on the script. However, while working on the script, I found myself really admiring this manga… A LOT! Since Cloxx was waist deep with server problems (It would be neck deep, but he said it wasn’t that bad; hopefully it’ll be fully resolved today), I offered to do him a favor and edit the English version.  (I even did him a bigger favor and gave him my PhotoShop files so he could save time on the editing and cleaning!)  And since Cloxx probably had that idea in mind from the start, he was more than happy to accept.

For those keen on “the art of editing”, I tried as best as possible to match the artist’s font styles, especially for the H-scenes. (No, I don’t always do a “one size fits all” style that everyone else does.) I’m not 100% satisfied with the choices (I think there’s a better dialog font out there somewhere), but overall, I think it works well.

Note, to paraphrase the author: This manga is best enjoyed if you are familiar with “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and the “Haruhi Suzumiya” series. This doujin/story is unusually long: 45 pages to be exact. The author really took care in its development and continuity, and it shows! Thus, I wanted to take care and make it among my best translations/edits; and hopefully that shows as well. ^_^;;

(If not… oh well… I’ll try again next time!)

Anyhow, I present to you the first of 3 commissions by Cloxx. Enjoy!

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