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Momoiro Peanuts – Volume 1, Chapter 09, and Complete Volume

Soft In Proper Places

Well, what can I say:

  1. Although I wanted to post this 5 days ago or so, shit happens! FRUSTRATED-1 photo destroy.gif
  2. I present you the final chapter, and thus, the complete volume 1, of Momoiro Peanuts!CHEER2-EIEIO! romanji photo thEIEIO.gif
  3. Once again, many (5x plus!) thanks to Bersecker for sponsoring this chapter and for most of the manga! BOW (ONEGAI) photo onegai.gif
  4. In this chapter, Kaname’s tranny brother tries to eat Ruu!  And Ruu’s not a grade schooler!? SHOCK2 photo surprised2.gif
  5. Links! THUMBS UP! photo yay.gif

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Momoiro Peanuts – Volume 1, Chapter 08

Gen’s Past

Seriously, I’ve been so busy with everyday life, I thought I had posted this chapter a long, long, long time ago!

First off, many, many, many thanks to Bersecker for sponsoring this chapter and the last remaining this project. ^/^

I hope to post the final chapter within week or so (time, energy, and brain cells permitting), and I hope to start work on Volume 2 soon.

In this chapter, more on Gen’s past, as told by Kaname. And we get to meet Kaname’s older…uhm…sibling.

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Momoiro Peanuts – Volume 1, Chapter 07

In Search Of Ruu

First of, many, many, many thanks to Bersecker for sponsoring this chapter and continuing this project. ^/^ It’s been too long a while since the last chapter.

In this chapter:  It’s late and Ruu hasn’t come back home.  As Katsuki and Gen searching for her, Gen has a flashback on how he and Katsuki met.

If you’d like to help sponsor this project, please click on the Momoiro Peanuts banner on the right or, visit the Sponsored Projects page for more info.

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Momoiro Peanuts v01 ch01-06

Ruu is too cute!

Momoiro Peanuts - Vol 01

It’s been a over year(!?) since I posted chapter 4; but, finally, Chapters 5 and 6 is done. Because it’s been so long and because I may have made some slight (very slight) corrections here and there since then, I’m just including all available chapters in the RAR file.

Chapter 5 is sponsored by Berserker! and Chapter 6 by Berserker! and Anonymous Sponsor. Many, many, many thanks to Berserker! and Anonymous Sponsor for their infinite, infinite, infinite amounts patience.

I must admit, I had to struggle with this one, coz my editing style has been changing with each chapter. (That is, aside from the usual work, kids, and other life’s surprises.) I was actually considering going back and revamping the previous chapters. ^_^;; But that’s another issue.

Anyhow, since it’s been a while, please revisit and enjoy this wonderful slice of life comedy/drama (thus far, chapters 1 to 6) by Tsutomu Mutsuki about a girl named Ruu and the quirky people she resides with! Arigatougozaimasu! ^/^

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Momoiro Peanuts – Chapter 4

The Obsequial Forest Eradicating Slayer

…aka “The Home Run Bat” or Ruu’s defense weapon of choice.

I like Ruu.  Thus far, she is proving to be a very interesting and very expressive character. And thus far, Momoiro Peanuts is one of those rare little slice of life mangas that I enjoy. I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter, too!

This chapter is brought to you by Anonymous Sponsor: Sponsoring the finest peanuts of the momoiro variety!

Many thanks, Anonymous Sponsor, for your infinite amount of patience and generosity.  (Sorry this took so long!) ^/^

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