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Delusion Diary Returns

…or the return of the cute Tsundere sister

This is one of them long work days. I’m giving myself a short break, and then I have to hustle back out. T_T

But, Tsukino Jyougi stuff is important, especially when it’s a continuation from one of his classics! Plus, I’ll prolly end up being too tired to post by the time I come back home tonight. T_T

Tonight, I present to you some wincest! Commissioned by Hapyoo.  It’s a short from Comic X-Eros. (We can only hope that there will be more.)

Many, many, many thanks to Hapyoo for this gem of a commission! ^/^

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OOPS! Department: ♭37℃ – MISSING CHAPTER 4

(I’m just rehashing/re-editing this in a new log for whatever reason. I noticed there are people who are still using the old torrent that has the missing chapter… Man! how things spread on the internets.)

Thanks to Kurisu @ Akiba-Online for pointing out that Chapter 4 was missing on my initial torrent for the complete translated version of “♭37℃” . I have a new torrent posted for new uploaders. For those who are still missing chapter 4, you can get it by doing one of the following:

Get it from Rapidshare. (It’s a file I previously uploaded. It includes chapter 3)
If you know how to use PAR files , download and unzip. This should “repair” the file.
Simply download the new torrent to “repair” the file. When I tested it with µTorrent , I was able to download the missing chapter into the existing ZIP file, without having to download the whole thing over.

My humblest apologies for the inconvenience.

TORRENT (Akiba-Online Forum) . FILE SHARE

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♭37℃, Chapters 7 & 8 version 2.0

. . . .

Humpty recently released the MQ version (ie. the “image board friendly” version) of this on WWOEC this past weekend, and I recently posted this on ABPEA on Tuesday… or was it Wednesday?… I fergit… It’s been that kind of a week… Anyhow, things have been hectic for me this week and will be hectic this weekend, so I’ll post what I can for now. For those who can’t wait (or don’t care) for the HQ version, please feel free to go pick it up at WWOEC or the HQ version on ABPEA… that is, if you haven’t done so already. There’s a Rapidshare link for the MQ version at WWOEC as well. Otherwise, I’ll have a Torrent and Rapidshare (or some other fileshare service) link up tomorrow night.

Right now, I gotta get some Z’s and get up super early tomorrow. G’night!

Coming Soon!


OOPS! Department: I forgot to give honorable mention and thanks to Lord Necros of DTM for proofreading these chapters. (Sorry, LN!)

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♭37℃, Chapters 5 & 6 version 2.0

. . . . .

Recently humpty posted an MQ version of chapters 5 and 6 WWOEC Forum. If you can’t wait for a torrent or Rapidshare, please visit WWOEC. I have the direct thread links below. If you haven’t joined WWOEC Forum, please do. You’ll find lotsa great images and other stuff there from a lotta very talented and nice people!

If you’re wondering why I’m not torrenting these chapters just yet, I do have a my reasons: 1) I’m in the middle of some heavy duty translating/editing of Muv-Luv Unlimited , and I no longer have that powerful a PC that’ll run too many programs… not to mention, I have to tie up my bandwidth in shifts; 2) I gave humpty dibs in posting before I torrent or anything else… not that he really cares; 3) I want to give WWOEC some publicity… not that they really need it.

Anyhow, I will probably post this on ABPEA first, then have torrent and file share links for the HQ version later this week… hopefully by Saturday. Sorry for the wait, and thank you for your patience.



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♭37℃ – Chapters 3 & 4 version 2.0

. . . . .

Here’s chapter’s 3 and 4 of Tsukino Jyougi’s classic that Humpty (of DTM) and I have been working on. Actually, he did most of his part in correcting my original translation; I still have to get off my butt and finish editing the rest of the manga. My apologies for the delay. I’m presently working on Chapter 5. I actually plan to finish editing the rest of the manga in the next 3 weeks or so… just so I can put this project behind me. (I am eternally grateful to Humpty’s –and you, the readers’– patience!)

Humpty posted a LQ (actually, more like a MedQ) version on WWOEC a little more than a week ago or so. I posted this HQ version on ABPEA last night and torrenting it tonight. After I’m done giving the torrent a chance for a day (or so), I’ll upload to Rapidshare (yeah, I’m back to using them) for those who have difficulty with torrents.

Anyhow, I hope y’all enjoy!


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