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Kaigo Mashimaro (version2)

A Strawberry Marshmallow Parody by Toyatei

Okay.  This is a mystery to me.  For some reason, I was missing page 19.  It’s weird to me, because during the saving process, I open the files in a group and save in a group.

Anyhow, thanks to emu001 for pointing out the missing page.

Sorry for the confusion.  ^/\^

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Kaigo Mashimaro 3

A Strawberry Marshmallow Parody by Toyatei

My usual high-stress job has been keeping me extremely busy as of late. I haven’t had much time or energy afterwards. But now that things have slowed down somewhat, I can get back to doing something I actually enjoy doing: Translating mangas I enjoy!

I’m actually in the middle of working on the 2nd part of Waver’s major project, but just to get myself back into the groove, I figured I’d quickly complete this series by Toyatei.


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2017-1114 (HST):  Version 2 available.  Missing page added.

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Kaigo Mashimaro 02

A Strawberry Marshmallow Parody Continues

I wanted to post this before heading out to work.

After completing chapter 4 of Waver’s project, I gave myself another quick break to work on this Toyatei doujinshi. It’s the 2nd part/chapter/volume of Kaigo Mashimaro.


Sneak Peak of Waver’s project


I have mentioned before that I’m working on a 2-volume project for Waver. Although I’m already “cleaning” the 5th chapter before translation, Waver won’t be releasing it until he’s able to proofread/review the whole manga (or mangas) in total, just to make sure everything is correct.

The cleaning process of raw scans is labor intensive for me; primarily because I’m insane enough to want to capture as much detail of the artist’s artwork as possible while doing away with the junk you get when printing on pulp (or slightly better than pulp) paper before downsizing it to something to where most people won’t notice the difference! Nonetheless, it is a selfish but satisfying experience. ^_^

In between cleaning, to sorta give myself a mental break, I started setting up the my font selection and dummy text layout for MuvLuv Alternative Chapter 38 (see sample on right). I even managed to actually translate a page or two.

Check out the sneak peaks. ^_^

MuvLuv Volume 7 preview

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Kaigo Mashimaro 01

A Strawberry Marshmallow Parody

I’m still in the middle of a major translation project for Waver–scanning, translating and editing. I’m hoping to continue work on the 4th chapter this week, and after that, continue with Muv-Luv Alternative and Momoiro Peanuts. But with all the hectic things going on with my everyday life, I just had to give myself a fun break. So, after completing the 3rd chapter for Waver, I took a break last week to translate this “Ichigo Mashimaro” doujinshi.  After making numerous changes, I’m posting today, before heading out to work (on a Sunday!!  Like I said, hectic things going on).

It’s by the circle, Toyatei. Artist, Toyama Teiji. It features Ichigo’s best girl, Chika-chan, and a lucky old bastard. ^_^


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