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Haken No Muuko-san – Chapter 5 and Bête Obscene – Chapter 4 (final)

Happy New Year, Y’all

This was a nice Christmas and New Years with the kids, so I’m sneaking this post while everyone is asleep. Now that that year is over, I’m looking forward to this year! So let’s start things off with a brand new (and long awaited) chapter of Muuko-san!

Cosplay Paradise

In this chapter entitled, “Cosplay Paradise,” it’s the third day of the Comic Carnival, and Muuko-san and Fumika-san… oh wait… That’s Koe De Oshigoto!

Anyhow, enjoy this chapter of Muuko-san and her boss in their itsy-bitsy, teeny weeny nekomimi black bikini.  (Hmmm…There’s a song in there somewhere.)

Bête Obscene Finale

What a way to end the year!  Nemesis (editor extraordinaire at Little White Butterflies) surprised me at year’s end by presenting me his finished edits of Bête Obscene’s chapter 4.


This manga was a tough one for me to translate ‘coz the subject matter (raep) isn’t really a favorite of mine.  But it was probably even tougher for Nemesis to edit!  He did a complete edit, with all the SFXs and stuff!

I must say, ‘tho, this one surprised me a bit when I was translating it, and it still surprised me even after reading it fully edited and all… that is, “surprised” in a good way.  It’s still a heavy duty story by my standards (I prefer romantic comedy types like Muuko-san), but I was impressed (‘coz I’m easy to impress!) by the psychological (and very pathological) aspect of this story.

Enjoy the heavy psycho-drama.  (And if you like good, edgy, perverted shit like this, check out Nemesis and the gang at Little White Butterflies!)

It’s a non-hentai weekend…

…so I’ll be working on Chapter 22 of Muv-Luv Unlimited next.  And if I can, I’ll try to hammer out a script for Eternia, she can work on Chapter 19 of Koe De Oshigoto.


And thanks again to the people (matias067, perhaps?) at Manga Updates for posting my releases!

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Sponsored Project: Bete Obscene – Chapter 3

Bête Obscene – Chapter 3


Last week, I received an email from Nemesis, so I was glad to hear he was alive, well, and just extremely busy with work and life in general. (Boy, do I know how that goes!) Photobucket

Today, I received an email from Nemesis, so I was glad to hear he was still alive, well, and done with Chapter 3 of Bête Obscene! Photobucket

So tonight, I bring you a sponsored project:  Another dose of  erotic, psychological drama… just thought I’d warn those who are not into the erotic stuff.  XD

This project is brought to you by a new sponsor: The Generous and Most Patient David.  Sponsoring the finest in psychological erotica!

Many thanks to David for sponsoring this project. And many thanks to Nemesis for an incredible editing job!

This project only has 1 long (52 pages) chapter left to go!  If you wish to sponsor this or other projects available, please check out the Sponsored Projects page!

Enjoy! Photobucket


  • @blackshark and Gundark: Sorry to hear that German IPs have a problem with MegaPorn. *Warning: Two Baseless (and Too Useless) Conspiracies! 1) Maybe RapidShare is paying German IP providers $$ for exclusivity! 2) Maybe you’re RapidShare employees and you want me to use RapidShare again?* (Don’t comment. I’m being facetious. No, seriously… I am! ^_^) Well, RapidShare really burned me a while ago, so I only use them sparingly; plus, their speed has gotten slower on my end of the world. I already provide various ways/methods to download, so if MegaPorn still sucks, I recommend 4-Chan’s RapidShare board. Eventually, you can find other people uploading my stuff to RapidShare and everywhere else.
  • @Gizmo: Wee!… I mean Wii! Thanks, Giz. As always, I appreciate your kind words! Thanks for dropping by! Photobucket
  • @JukanX: LOL! Thanks for coming to my aide, JukanX. I’m honored by your thoughtfulness. “Patience of a Saint”?–people have used that phrase on me before, but believe me, I have my moments! LOL! Plus, there are worst people out there than Suiton. He may be a bridge short of being a troll (A Hormel can short of being Spam? A fly short of being a pest?), but he is a fan (albeit, a… err… fanatic one), and I appreciate his… err… “enthusiasm”.Thanks, again for your assist, and thanks for visiting.  Always a pleasure to have you here.  Glad you liked the one-shot, light-saber and all. PhotobucketAnd speaking of light-sabers…
  • @Suiton: …Much patience learn you must, Young Skywalker. I’ll be starting on it tomorrow night after my day job. It’ll be the one I’ll work on in between Shinkon Shimai. Because of the heavy editing, it may take me 1 to 2 weeks to complete. So please limit your spamming…err… commenting on this, ‘kay?  Photobucket
  • @Dante1602: Glad you like Puberty Crazies, Suiton… err… I mean, Dante1602. Please look forward to the last 2 chapters in a week or two, and thanks for visiting! Photobucket


  • Haken No Muuko-san: I’m almost done translating/editing.  I was planning on posting this tonight; but now that I have Bete Obscene up, I may postpone this for a day or two so I can give it a good proofread.
  • Gift – Chapter 3: Azarius just emailed me earlier this evening.  He’s been quite busy with real life, so he’s still delayed on editing this.  On his behalf, I apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience and understanding.Photobucket
  • Shinkon Shimai: This one I’ll be working on this one tommorrow, concurrently with Puberty Crazies. I’m not going gung-ho with major SFX editing, so I anticipate that I should have this out by next week, if not sooner. ^_^
  • Koe De Oshigoto: Eternia’s in the middle of editing both chapters 11 and 12! (Amazing… I’m actually half-way done with chapter 13 as well… I’m almost caught up!Photobucket) Hopefully, we’ll here something from her soon.
  • Muv-Luv Unlimited: This is my “kids are with me this weekend” project, so I hope to have chapter 16 out next week as well.

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Another busy week, including more yuri goodness, so let’s get to it!

COMMISSION: “HaruNatsuAkiFuyu” by Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi

I worked on JoeS.’s commissions backwards. This is the 2nd of two recent commissions by JoeS, but was done 1st.

This “HaruNatsuAkiFuyu (はるなつあきふゆ)” is a yuri doujinshi of the commercially published manga, “HaruNatsuAkiFuyu (春夏秋冬) (Spring Summer Fall Winter)” Both are done by Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi. The doujinshi is from their circle, Kozouya (aka Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi).

You can find Hi-rez raws of both mangas at Sohma-heo’s blog (

You can also find the translated version of the manga at Lililicious ( I found out after I had translated the doujin for JoeS, that Lililicious is planning on translating the doujin as well. Please encourage them to continue with their plans. I’m sure they will have a different take on the dialog. Also, the doujinshi does contain a few pages where the characters undergo a gender-reversal (ie. non-hentai yaoi), and re-enact scenes from the manga. I’m not translating these pages. Perhaps Lillilicious will.

For some reason, I found myself… erm… “drawn” to the art of this doujinshi that I ended up: 1) cleaning up the low-rez file I initially had, including color-correcting the cover, 2) taking extra care to find similar fonts to match the Japanese version (a significant aspect of this doujinshi), 3) searching for more info on the authors and manga, 4) and finally, stumbling across Sohma-heo’s blog and finding a nice, hi-rez version, thus rendering some of my laborious clean up totally useless! *sigh*

However, thanks to Sohma-heo’s blog, besides getting the nice, hi-rez files, I ended up discovering the doujinshi’s origin, namely the manga. ^_^

COMMISSION: “Doki Doki Ayu x Cirno”

A Touhou Project yuri doujinshi, and the 1st of the two projects commissioned by JoeS.  Based on  Phantasmagoria of Flower View (東方花映塚 ,Tōhō Kaeizuka), to be precise.

Unfortunately, unlike “HaruNatsuAkiFuyu,” I wasn’t able to find a nice hi-rez raw file. Thankfully, the artwork was simpler than “HaruNatsu…,” so resizing a 600x848px image to 1132×1600 (not to mention the usual cleanup) wasn’t too bad to do.

Here’s the low-rez cover for comparison.

COMMISSION:  “St. Penalty Gakuen Goku” by Royal Koyanagi, Omake and cover only.

2Hip @ WWOEC compiled and cleaned the translations by various translators for this manga, but the omake and cover were yet to be translated. So, 2Hip commissioned me.  The postscript page was a bitch to read; but the buxom babe on the page made it worth it!  You can view all the pages, except the TOC page, above.

COMMISSION: “Bête Obscene” by Tenjiku Rounin, Chapter 1 & 2

In a similar situation with “Gift” by Hagashiyama Show, Nemesis commissioned me to do the script for Chapters 1 and 2. Nemesis wanted to do the editing… totally free! Although this project started out as a commission, I’ll be posting it on the sponsored projects page some time this week, in case there are those who want to help Nemesis out.

A word about the story: If you like heavy, intriguing, psychological dramas, this one’s for you! IMHO, I don’t think this one is as twisted and disturbing as Fuyunaga’s “Sekai no Donzoko…,” but it’s still heavy nonetheless.

A word from the commissioner/editor, Nemesis:
“Well, this is my first long editing work ever, so I’m technically still a noob. It was done under some unfortunate circumstances, and incredibly enough it was good therapy; it kept my mind off from the previous events, and from getting overly depressed and paranoid of the what if’s.

Anyways enough of me. Thank you again, Toni, for such superb work, my next project won’t be continuing on this for a while, so you can go back to some lighter, shorter stuff. We all need a little break from these down beats^^.”


  • @suiton: Re: Puberty Crazies
    Puberty Crazies, Harem x Harem, and Gift Update:
    Now that I got a bunch of commissions done, I’ll be trying to tie up some “loose ends” up this week. (wish me luck!  *fingers crossed*) Primarily, the last 3 (?) chapters of “Puberty Crazies,” the last two chapters of “Harem x Harem,” and the script(s) for “Gift” chapter 3 on. This is a tall order, ‘coz Puberty Crazies and, to a lesser degree, Harem x Harem are editing challenges. Gift, because of the amount of text, and the small fonts here and there, is a script-writing challenge! All can be an eye-strain.

    Thank you for your interest in Puberty Crazies, suiton. Please keep in mind, I’m not the fastest translator (I’m still teaching myself as I go), and I’m a fussy editor (I dispatch crappy scans and I actually take the time to improve the image whenever possible!). I’ve gotten a bit faster in doing both, but it’s still a process and sometimes laborious at that!

  • @Zathael: RE: Koe de Oshigoto.
    Thanks Zathael. I wouldn’t mind the extra cash, believe me. But I’m already trying to squeeze in a script this week for Eternia for chapter 8 of “Koe De Oshigoto.” (There is my TIP JAR, y’know! ^_^;; )  If all goes well for this weekend (that is, if I don’t get called in to work), I’ll be translating/editing chapter 9 while Eternia edits chapter 8… as well as getting out the next chapters to Hana’s Holiday 2, …Muuko-san, and Muv-Luv Unlimited… Well, Muv-Luv might be kinda pushing it, but we’ll see. ^_^;;  LOL!

    Most people don’t care to realize this, but each character in Koe de Oshigoto practically has their own speaking style; I’ve been trying to flesh that out in English as best as possible. This is yet another writing/translating challenge!

  • @RealGizmo
    I thought about Sharebee, but just never got around to trying it out. Thanks for mentioning it, though. I think you gave me just enough of a nudge to try it! Thanks again!
  • @bakaneko:
    Thank you, bakaneko, for your kind words and for visiting my blog!  Azarius and I are glad you like “Gift.”  Please look forward to the next chapter! ^_^
  • @MrTeatime
    Glad you like Princess+Propose and Koe De Oshigoto. Please look forward to the next chapters! ^_^

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