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Nijuuisseiki no Ima ga Shun (The 21st Century Now Is In Season)

A Tenchi Muyo! Doujinshi

Squeezing this in today, too, while I can. I present to you a Tenchi Muyo! doujinshi by bolze, also commissioned by Anonymous.

Many thanks again to Anonymous for this commission! ^/\^


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Ima Ga Shun, Vol. 1

Stuck Between My Beloved Sasami and her Apricot Flesh…

Here’s a Tenchi Muyou doujinshi by the circle bolze, commissioned by Anonymous.

As you may guess, this one features Sasami and Tenchi consummating their love, with a bit of help from Washuu thrown in. ^_^

I actually enjoyed the sequencing of this manga, but I wish the artist, rit., had made better use of empty spaces between some of the panels. Still, this has become one of my favorite Tenchi/Sasami doujinshis out there. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Many thanks to Anonymous for this wonderful commission. ^/^

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Ianryokou Toujitsu No Yoru 4

A Tenchi Muyo! and Tenchi Muyo! GXP Parody

This manga is by the circle Kamidake Onsen and features art by Miyakawa Hajime, Chiba Jirou, and Kajishima Masaki.

It was commissioned by Solod. Many thanks to Solod for this fun commission! ^/^

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