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Gift – Chapter 8, Extra and Complete!

Bewitched and Gift-Ex

If you haven’t realized it yet (you will after reading the author’s notes), Higashiyama-sensei’s stories in this tankoubon are inspired by songs. This story, IMHO, fits the inspiration nicely…in a hentai-rori sorta way… ^_^;;. If you’re not familiar the Rodgers and Hart classic, “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” (from the musical, Pal Joey), you might want to check out the various versions of the song on YouTube.

Chapter 8 is brought to you by Flying Horses: Saving the best gift for last(?)!

The omake chapter is brought to you courtesy of me! ^_^ Enjoy!

Ego nullam aetatem ad discendum arbitror immaturum.

Finally! 8 months (well, longer than that, actually) and 8 chapters (plus and omake, author’s notes, and postscript) later, it’s complete. Many thanks to the sponsors: Azarius (who started it all), Prevert, and Flying Horses.

In The Works…

I’m really behind schedule on my commissions, so I hope to be finishing up the Lyteral’s commission(s) this weekend.

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Gift – Chapter 7

Why Not?

Because it wouldn’t be prudent.

I was planning on posting this last night, but just as well that I didn’t since I made numerous last minute changes… like, whether or not to tanslate/edit the SFXs. ^_^;;  Initially, I didn’t; but I ended up following what I did with the other chapters, just for consistency sake.

Anyhow, I present to you Chapter 7 of Shou Higashiyama’s “Gift”.  This is a one-shot story, not related to the previous chapter.  It’s presented courtesy of a new sponsor: Flying Horses: ‘Coz we all know pigs can’t!

Many thanks to Flying Horses for sponsoring this chapter! ^_^

Next Up…

Tonight, I was supposed to post the next chapter of Muv-Luv Unlimited, but that will have to wait until tomorrow night. I still have a few more pages to translate/edit.

Also tonight, I’m starting on a new (and long) commission by Lyteral.

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Gift – Chapter 6

The Ballad of Aki and Shun


There’s 2 more chapters of the tankoubon that’s unrelated to this story plus the omake, which features Aki and Shun… so we haven’t quite seen the last of them just yet. ^_^

I almost felt like rehashing my comments on Chapter 5, ‘coz trying to work on this chapter was almost like a deja vu:  Work’s been running me ragged to the point of exhaustion–seriously!  I was out of commission all day Saturday.  But forget about that: I now bring you Chapter 6 of Gift, by Shou Higashiyama!

This chapter is brought to you by the ever-patient Prevert: Sponsoring the finest in hentai/tensai roris!  Mucho Mahalo (Much thanks), Prevert, for sponsoring the last 4 chapters.

In The Works…

I was gonna tackle the next chapter of Momoiro Peanuts next (I have the pages all prepped up!), but Anonymous Sponsor (who is sponsoring the chapter) recently emailed me, requesting and encouraging me to finish tankoubon of Gift instead.  (Arigatou gozaimasu for your patience and generosity, Anonymous Sponsor-sama! ^/^)   So, I’ll be working on the next chapter this week.  (I guess he really wants to see the rest of the manga done!)

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Gift – Chapter 5

Omnium rerum principia parva sunt

Man! This sure took long enough! I started working on this chapter thinking I’d be able to just jam right through it. Hah!  Of course, too many of life’s interruptions changed all that.  Not to mention this chapter was much more difficult than I imagined:  Lots of dialog (gotta develop that plot!) and tiny, eye-straining text! This is definitely not your average hentai-rori manga.  Still, after tenaciously chugging along, it’s done!

I present to you Chapter 5 of Gift. This chapter is brought to you by the ever-patient Prevert: Sponsoring the finest in hentai/tensai roris!


In The Works…

Tonight, since it was another unexpected hentai weekend, I’m working on Haken No Muuko-san. I’m expecting this one to be a breeze compared to Gift. Tomorrow after my regular job, it’s a normal commissions night.  (Thanks for your patience, Cloxx!)

Oh yeah.  Special thanks to matias067 for getting the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha doujinshi posted on Manga Updates. I gave my thanks in the comments section, I wanted to do so again here. ^_^

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Gift – Chapter 4

Quid enim stultius quam incerta pro certis habere, falsa pro veris?

My computer crashed again last night. FRUSTRATED-1 And for some reason my UTorrent history was erased, so I had to re-up all my torrents. It seems the external hard drive I recently bought is still wreaking havoc on my system. (Temporary solution: Disconnect drive.) Now that I’m posting Chapter 4 of Gift, hopefully my computer won’t crash… at least until there’s enough seeders helping out with the torrent. ^_^;;

Anyhoo, I present to you the 4th chapter of Gift. This chapter is sponsored once again by Prevert: Presenting the finest hentai of precocious (and genius) lolis!

Modified Sponsored Projects section

Last night and Sunday night, I worked on updating and modifying the Sponsored Projects section of my site. I made separate pages for each of the individual Sponsored Projects currently available (see drop menu). With this, I hope to make it easy on myself when I transfer a completed project to the Complete Mangas section. After I’m done with this year’s Editing Contest prizes (May and June), I hope to post more projects that I hope y’all would be interested in sponsoring. (Maybe I’ll post a poll… we’ll see…)

I’m working on it!!!

I’m still in the middle of working on 3333h‘s stealth commission. Barring any unexpected circumstances, I hope to have that done tomorrow night. And of course, I’ll be working on the last two chapters of Cherry Town immediately after that. If this weekend ends up being a non-hentai weekend, I’ll be starting volume 4 of Muv-Luv Unlimited; otherwise, I hope to work on Chapter 5 and 6 of Gift.

Busy, busy, busy! ^_^

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