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Raped Mother – Revamped files plus 2 new chapters

Chapters 00-10

Out Of Site Out Of Mind. Literally. I didn’t realize it until January after my vacation that my files for Raped Mother was totally gone. I can only guess I lost them, along with my files for Higashiyama Shou’s “Gift” and possibly others that I failed to notice, when my hard drives/computers crashed back in October last year. Not to mention, with all the other happenings in life, this project got seriously overlooked.

Thank goodness DepositFiles still had the raws I uploaded, and thank goodness I didn’t lose my torrent files of Faytear’s edits.

Anyhow, with raws and Fayt’s old edits retrieved, I set out to do Plan A: To translate and edit the rest of manga this month, since it’s suffered far to many delays. But, as usual, Plan A is far from going as planned; so, I’m at Plan B: Which is to at least post what I have so far.

As the title of the post sez, I revamped this project, doing a some things differently:

  • Corrected a major faux pax on my part for giving Fayt the wrong sponsor name.
  • Taking Fayt’s edits, I cleaned up the pages a bit… it’s still his edits; the pages just look cleaner.
  • I renumbered the files to correspond with the page numbers… a standard practice I’ve been doing with all tankoubons, lately.
  • And in the course of renumbering the files, renumbering the chapters to correspond with the TOC.

So, I have a new RAR file for all for the cleaned versions of Fayt’s edits–files renamed and renumbered–and also included 2 more chapters that I recently completed. Many thanks to Grey Fox for sponsoring Chapters 09 and 10, and much more thanks for his infinite amount of patience. ^/^

Anyhoo, without further ado, I present to you the first 10 chapters of Raped Mother… with more to come very soon… I hope. ^_^;;

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SPONSORED PROJECT: Raped Mother – Chapter 2


Happy 4th of July, y’all! Since the U.S. is heading towards socialism, I guess it’s no longer “Independence Day” but “Government Dependence Day.”  (So sad.)

Raped Mother – Chapter 2

On the bright note (hah! what a segue!), Faytear finished editing Chapter 2 of Shinichi Izawa’s “Raped Mother,” so I thought I’d post it here. Besides, I’m working again this weekend, so I may not be able to post on Sunday night. DREAD

You can get DDL links from his blog:

This chapter is brought to you by JukanX: Sponsoring some of the finest in hentai!

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Puberty Crazies – Chapters 7 & 8, plus Sponsored Project: Raped Mother

Puberty Crazies – Chapters 7 and 8

Holy shitzkies… chapter 8 too!?!

Yeah, and…uhh… Happy Memorial Day, y’all. ^_^;;

I wasn’t able to post last week Sunday (HST) coz of work… and my weeknights… Hah! fuggeddabowdit! Luckily I had some reprieve today. That said, I bring to you the more anal goodness and last 2 chapters of “A Captain’s Job” from Konno Azure’s Puberty Crazies.  The next 2 chapters is will be the last story of this manga.  (I’m so close!)


SPONSORED PROJECT: Raped Mother – Chapter 0

This is a joint project with Faytear. I recently finished translating the first 3 chapters, so Faytear is in the midst of editing along with all the other stuff he’s doing! O_o  He recently completed the first chapter, chapter 0, which is not really a chapter at all, but a collection of various shorts that we called “Chapter 0″… Anyhow, he posted this on his blog about 4 days ago and he has links available; so if you want to download direct, go there. I’ll be posting torrents and other links as soon as available.

This chapter is brought to you by JukanX:  Proudly sponsoring some of hentai’s finest!


With the semester and exams almost over for some, hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to see the following

  • GIFT, Chapter 3: I finished translating this a while ago, but Azarius has been busy with exams.  Same with…
  • Koe De Oshigoto, Chapter 10: …Etery-chan, who also has May exams.
  • OBSCENE BEAST, Chapter 3:  Another script I finished recently.  This time the story turns really heavy!  And speaking of heavy, Nemesis is currently doing some major editing with this one.
  • Muv-Luv Unlimited, Chapter 15: I’ve been putting Muv-Luv on the back-burner for too long.  For those patiently waiting, please wait a bit longer!  Hopefully, I can crank it out in a couple of weeks. ^_^;;
  • Hana’s Holiday 2 and Haken No Muuko-san:  These two have become like my filler projects when I need to take a quick break from the other stuff.  As with Muv-Luv, please be patient a bit longer. ^_^;;

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