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MunchenGraph Vol. 11

A Shaman King Doujinshi

I actually completed this over a month ago. A Shaman King doujinshi featuring Maiden and Manta, among others. English translated and edited by me. Commissioned by Lyteral. Raws cleaned by Neji. Scanned by the folks at

Many thanks to Lyteral for this commission. ^_^

Up Next…

Tomorrow or Wednesday night (HST), it’s either another commission that was completed a while back or Ichigo Mashimaro… decisions, decisions… :/

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Pet No Lee

A Shaman King Doujinshi by Negoro Teppou Tai

…But…. doesn’t this count as guro!?!

Well, for those who are familiar with Shaman King, the fact that Pai Lon (or Pai Long… whatever you like) was reanimated, does make the sex somewhat…err…kinky. Actually, given that the two stories here involve Tao Jun and Pai Lon, it’s oddly romantic, not gory. And aside from Pai Lon’s condition, this is tame stuff compared to some of the other stuff out there. Recent, prime example: Skimming through Google Reader, I noticed one on E-Hentai that had “stinky grandma”…or something like that…in the title. The title and cover alone were enough to ruin my appetite! But forget that…

I completed working on this manga over a week ago, but I’ve been extremely busy.  So busy, I forgot to include the credits!!  Luckily, I remembered them prior to posting.  ^_^;;  This manga was commissioned by Lyteral of Gute deutsche Handarbeit! (German site) and Gudeha Decensoring (English site). Cleaning was done by Neji. English translation and typesetting by yours truly.

Many thanks to Lyteral for this commission and his patience! BOW (ONEGAI)


Up Next…

On the days I haven’t been working long-ass hours, I’ve been helping out the kids with homework assignments and projects (fun Dad stuff ^_^). So working on the hentai stuff (like my commissions, which I’m sooo behind schedule on!) has been difficult. I did manage to squeeze in the next chapter of Muv-Luv Unlimited, so I may post that in the next day or two, if possible.

I also started on Lyteral’s next commission. If I’m kids free these next few days or so, I hope to finish that up, so I can get to F91’s and Max and Emily’s commissions. (Thanks to all commissioners for their enormous amounts of patience!)

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MünchenGraph Vol. X

…In Full Color!

This full color manga is the last of three commissions by Cloxx, of Deutsche-Doujins: Müchner Illustrierte’s MünchenGraph X, a Shaman King doujinshi. This one could have taken a bit longer to do, ‘coz I was being fussy with the images again. Luckily, I wisened up. ^_^;; I did at least do some general cleaning of the images, so there is some improvement. (But for those editors out there, you’ll notice, I didn’t straighten out the pages.)

As with many other doujinshis, I also had to do some Wikipeding, since I’m clueless about Shaman King and the characters. (Not surprising… I’m clueless about a lot of stuff!)

Many thanks to Cloxx for commissioning me to do this manga. If possible, please visit Cloxx’s site and thank him as well! (Wenn möglich, bitte besuchen Sie die Website der Cloxx und danken ihm auch!) ^_^


In The Works…

I’m actually working on a surprise/short doujinshi, which I hope to start and finish tonight, but since I’m “kids free” this weekend (T_T, tough being a divorced Dad. I miss my kids.), I’ll be finishing up chapter 3 of Gift. …Barring any unexpected interruptions.

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