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[Moku Ujiie] Rori-Ana [Complete]

Updated Post: 29January2012

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Original post: 22March2008



Due to a “technicality” on my part, I wanted Chompy to be the first to announce Rori-Ana on his site, Akiba-Online . Not that he cared either way, but it’s just a ritual I wanted to go through. Anyhow, now that he did, I’m free, clear, and proud to announce the release of “Rori-Ana: Little Anal Collection” by Moku Ujiie, English translated and edited!

Special thanks to Chompy and 2Hip for proofreading for me. (Take care of them peepers, 2Hip!)

You can go to Chompy’s site for the web-friendly version here.

I’m currently working on getting the torrents HQ and MQ versions up. Bare with me as this will take a while. File-shares will be up as well later today. So you’ll see this post change as time rolls on.

Anyhow, for those who can’t wait, please go to Akiba-Online!


I’m currently having a shitty time with my other system… or perhaps my other system is having a shitty time with me. I worked it like a dog these past 3 or 4 days 24/4. So my torrenting and Rapidsharing of the HQ version(s) has been delayed. Perhaps it’s just as well, ‘coz 2Hip found one last, little typo on page 088 not too long ago. Once my other system cools down in a few, I’ll be posting a torrents for the HQ version(s) on Deadfrog and Pirate Bay (my usual), with the corrected page.


Now torrenting the HQ version.

File share available.



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Project Updates and Honorable Mentions

Rori-Ana: I managed to finish my final edit of Rori Ana on Wednesday, and made quick changes and submitted the draft to Chompy and 2Hip on Friday. I’ll be working on revisions this weekend (along with Muv-Luv Unlimited). Since this started out as Chompy’s project, I’m hoping he’ll do the honors of introducing the Rapidshare/Web-friendly version on Akiba-Online… thus, if he’s up to it, you may get it there first. Because of all the cleaning I did, especially for the color pages, I will also have available “the insanely super-hi-rez version”… just for those who are crazy enough… as well as the web-friendly version. IT’S ALMOST HERE, Y’ALL!

Kaya83 : Kaya83 is an editor (and a damn good one!) who has done stuff with Tadanohito , and most recently, Humpty and Dirty Translated Mangas . She has also approached me and asked if I had any stuff she could edit; but alas, I’m not a fast translator (I’m still learning as I go), and presently, my plate is full as it is. I noticed she started a blog and linked my blog, so I’m returning the favor. Funny, ‘tho. I only got one “hit” from her site so far. LOL! But I hope many of you will be kind enough to visit her site via mine and surprise her! 🙂

New link in The Editor’s Corner: I came across The Language Realm about a year ago, and their site has changed much since… for the better! This is one of the better sites I go to when I’m looking up slang, idioms, and other colloquial phrases.


To LOL! Strangely enough, I agree with you!… for the most part. All considering, the characters and plot are really of standard hentai fare… On top of that, I’m not really into the anal stuff! (Which is strange, ‘coz a lot of the stuff I’ve translated/edited thus far has lots anal sex! LOL!) Personally, I find the art and pacing great, and it’s also “editor friendly”; from a scanner’s perspective, the scanning is excellent… the best I’ve worked with since “Boshi-Kan”; and what I find most refreshing and interesting is the dialog. The story’s Japanese dialect and vernacular is so different from anything I’m used to thus far, that I’m glad Humpty decided to have me edit this one; I’m learning so much from him! (Thanks, Humpty!)

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Updates, Updates, Updates!

I’m down to the last two stories of Rori-Ana (I hope it’s the last two!): “5th year, 3rd Class, Caution” and “Honor Students of Spring.” The former is a little lighter (read: not depressing) than the latter, so I’m saving that story for last. It also has some color pages that I’ll be cleaning up a little. I was trying to work on it concurrently with Puberty Crazies, but realized multi-tasking is just not in me! XD So I won’t start on it again until after Chapter 2 of Puberty Crazies.

Puberty Crazies:
Currently editing the 2nd chapter of Puberty Crazies. As with the first chapter, I’m going all-out with the editing of the SFX and de-censoring. Since Humpty did the translating, that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about too much.  🙂   Hopefuly if all goes well, I can submit this to Humpty for his approval by Monday! 🙂

Muv-Luv Unlimited:
I’ll be working on this after Rori-Ana… sooner, if the kids are around. ^_^;;

Hana’s Holiday:
Since I just posted Chapter 7, Chapter 8 won’t be due until after I’ve done work on the other three projects.

More Hangouts!!: formerly called “Other Hangouts”:
One of the things I’ve been doing since January was changing the website here and there: wider blogging area, moving links around, etc. Since my list of links on the left was growing ever so much, Takehiro inspired me to make a separate “links” page. So now I have a page where I can add links to sites I frequent, as well as links to new sites that catch my attention, including Takehiro‘s! Thanks Takehiro!

Web Galleries: Throughout February (in between all the other stuff I’ve been doing), I’ve added web gallery links to the site, via . I’ve actually wanted to set them up since August, when I posted Momoya Show Neko’s “Summer Vacation.” But for various reasons, I never got around to it or wasn’t motivated to. I guess the reason I got around to it this time was because a couple of members, tsf42m and therajai (thanks guys!), posted my translations of “Boshi-kan” and “Sekai no Donzoko de Ai wo Sakebenai.” , respectively; however, no one posted the updated version of “♭37℃”! (‘the hell?!?) LOL! So I went and posted that one myself, along with the other stuff I’ve done. When I posted my other translations, I actually had fun recollecting/remembering the work (and mistakes!) I did! XD

To surveyork: You’re welcum! Glad you like it. Please look forward to the next chapter!  🙂

To DJnerate: Thank you for the info! I am most appreciative of your contribution!  🙂

To tronyca, who posted back in January… sorry I missed your post! ^_^;;: The file isn’t corrupt; I downloaded it again, and I tested it; it downloads and opens fine. Sometimes transfers can be affected by hiccups and other anomalies in the connection, so I hope you tried downloading it again or used the torrent. Hey… if it’s easier, try the WEB GALLERY! ^_^


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Muv-Luv Unlimited – Chapters 05 and 06, plus a Rori-Ana Update


I wasn’t planning on posting or torrenting today, but I figured I’d better now that I have the chance!

I initially estimated to have Rori-Ana done like 3 months ago or so, then hoped to have it finished by the end of 2007, and last was anticipating to have it done by the end of January. As you can see, nothing has turned out as anticipated. What can I say? I’ve been busy.

Work, family… not to mention the bacteria I contracted which put me out for a little more than a week! *sigh* So much to do, so little time! LOL!

Because of the family situation, I wasn’t able to edit any of the hentai stuff last month. (No hentai stuff when kids are around.) But I did manage to finish a couple of chapters of Muv-Luv. I was thinking of posting them this past weekend, but good thing I didn’t… waaaay too many typos… not to mention numerous last minute changes here and there.

Anyhow, I present to you chapters 5 and 6 of Muv-Luv Unlimited (missed typos and all!). In these two chapters, Shirogane gets to go on a southern island vacation with the girls!… or so he’s told. Please enjoy!


Getting back to Rori-Ana: My original estimate of about 10 color pages left for Rori-Ana was more like 50 pages, B&W and color. (I blame it on the Nyquil I took that night!). I forgot about fixing (retranslating) the original translation of a few other chapters. In order to speed things up, I’m forgoing translating a lot of the SFXs here and there, except where it may be deemed necessary. I no longer want to say when I’ll finish this project; it’s been plagued with so many delays as it is! I’ll just crank out what I can, whenever I can. As soon as I can have Chompy proofread and give the “all clear,” then I’ll have it released. (Actually, I’ll probably give Chompy the honors to do the initial release on his site , since it was his project to start with!)

Anyways, for those awaiting Rori-Ana, my humblest apologies and many thanks for your extreme patience!

ADDENDUM: Sorry to worry you, 2Hip. Thanks for caring. You’re a real pal!

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Rori-Ana and Akiba Online

In case you’ve been under a rock or too busy with real life to notice, Akiba-Online is… well… on-line! A few of us are glad to know Chompy is alive and well, while many more of us are just glad to have yet another place to hang out and scope out the latest JAVs!And still, there are others (…okay, 3 of you) who are/were wondering if and when Rori-Ana will be finished. The following is my response to AcidAzn’s query on Akiba-Online regarding this. The project is also moved to my “Current Projects & More” list.

Smile It’s in the works… again!!

THE BAD NEWS: The project was never completed, and Chompy got disinterested in it after a while. Not to mention, after being Akiba-Offline for 2 months, I think Chompy has his hands full right now.

Luckily, since Chompy came back, I recently got his blessing to complete the project myself. I’ll be translating and editing the remaining chapters and presenting it as a whole, in respects to Chompy’s vision and initial intent. [Not that he probably cares at this point, but I did tell him that’s what I would do. And I’m a man of my word.] I also asked Chompy to do the honors of being the first to read it (that way, he can also proofread it for me!… sneaky bastard I am!)Because I have other projects ongoing, I will probably begin working on the remaining chapters in about 2 or 3 weeks. I’ll post an update on my blog, probably this weekend, if not sooner, on the progress.

…In the meantime, you heard it here first!

And thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!

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