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Color Classic Note Extension IV 567

A Nanoha Doujinshi by Cyclone

This is another commission I did for Max and Emily Tate late last year. It’s a Nanoha doujinshi, and like much of Cyclone’s stuff, this one has rape, as orchestrated by Quattro, and the general breaking of Fate’s psyche. None of the happy sex stuff of the last Nanoha doujinshi.  On the upside, it’s in full color!

This version I prefer to release is slightly different from the one Max & Emily approved: On this version, I decided to leave it out the colophon, and the dialog on the fourth page (labeled 086) is slightly different from how Max & Emily wanted it (it’s more how the author had it). If you want Max & Emily’s version, download it here.

Many thanks to Max and Emily for this commission.

Anyhow, for those of you who enjoy Cyclone’s stuff, uh, enjoy.

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Maman Doujinshi Soushuuhen Lyrical Mamans

A Doujinshi Compilation Lyrical Mamans

This is one of 3 commissions that I did recently for Max And Emily Tate. As you may have guess by the title, this one features older women and younger men. Many thanks to Max and Emily for this commission. ^/^

The file name is quite long, so, if you download, you may need to add the extension at the end.


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A Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Doujinshi

I finished this commission back in December, and for some reason, I thought I had already posted it. This is Nanoha doujinshi scanned and commissioned by Max and Emily Tate.

Max and Emily’s files were huge, so of course for my translated version, I made them insanely huge-er! LAFF-TEH HEH Actually, I made a set that’s reduced to the “standard” that I use, but in case some of you would like the INSANE size, I have that too.

Many thanks to Max and Emily Tate for this commission and to their friends who helped with the proofreading… especially since I don’t really know much about the series this doujinshi is based on and wasn’t sure what the heck was going on in the last few pages. ^_^;;

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Seiou-sama no ViVid na Itazura

A Magical Girl Nanoha ViVid Doujinshi Commission

Yuri-ly got me!  I wasn’t able to post this yesterday, as I had hoped, so…  Anyhow, this doujinshi features Vivio and Einhart.

F91 commissioned me for a script of this manga, and another person was supposed to edit. F91 eventually ended up editing it himself, and I gotta say, he handles the cleaning of images pretty darn good!

Many thanks to F91 for commissioning me and kudos for doing an awesome job editing.


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Tanumimi Mosaic

A Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Doujinshi

Short and sweet: Based on “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha,” this is scanslation is brought to you courtesy of the commissioners: Max and Emily Tate.

Many thanks to Max and Emily for this commission and for their patience.

Please enjoy!


Besides this commission (which I finished about a week ago, actually), I also finished a script for F91 for yet another Nanoha doujinshi. And I hope to finish up Lyteral’s commission this week, before tackling the Sponsored Projects…provided I remain kids-free. ^_^;;   As always, we’ll see how it all goes.

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