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πPan 2! by Unini Gumi

Fuwa Fuwa Time at Mio’s House

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Here’s another K-On! doujinshi that I just had to work on!  Mio in color!  Besides translating and editing, I cleaned up the images quite a bit.  I also went and de-censored a couple o’ panels, too; which in this case, I literally had to draw/paint from scratch the stuff that was covered up.  (Luckily, I didn’t have to paint much.)

The title of the manga, BTW, is “πPan! 2” by Unini Gumi.  If your browser font is funny, that’s “Pai Pan! 2”, in Romaji.  Numerically rounded off to two decimal places, “3.14 Pan^ square!” (Which is the formula for the area of Mio’s…) (It’s late, I’m tired, and I’m feeling goofy.)

Anyhoo.  Please enjoy!

  • Raw File And still, some people won’t believe I started editing with these files.
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    DOUJINSHI: Suki Suki Mio-chan by DECOppachi

    Mo’ Moe Moe Kyun!…

    . .

    …yeah, I know… you’re tired of that phrase… …But gimme a break… This is Mio-chan we’re talkin’ about!

    I was hoping to post Muv-Luv Unlimited tonight… err.. this morning ^_^;; , but I was struggling with Takeru’s dialog on Sunday. (There’s a lot of it!)   To take a break, I did some prep work for a commission I’m working on this week, after my day job. I also ended up translating this cute, romantic K-On doujinshi for fun real quick…

    …only to find out that a recent group, Red Comet, already translated it! *sigh*

    I was thinking of not posting it, but I even went through the trouble of cleaning up the cover a bit! (Not to mention the usual fussy cleaning I do with every manga!)  And this was a damn good scan to begin with, too! The circle, DECOppachi, seems to use some nice quality paper!

    Anyhow, with all the work I did on it, I figured… what the heck!  And since Red Comet posted it on E-Hentai, which is how I found out about it, I figured I’d forgo the trouble of people complaining that it’s a dupe post and make it a private gallery.

    So, please, enjoy this version!  (The guy kinda reminds me of Ritsu, if she were a guy! ^_^)

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    BTBTB! (“Been Too Busy To Blog!”)

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. Work life has been real hectic and a strain on my…erm… translations ^_^;;.  I was hoping to post the next chapter of Puberty Crazies tonight, but I’m still 6 pages incomplete; admittedly, it’s not my favorite story in the manga, so I’ve been muddling (and struggling) through it.  While I was away (working) these past few weekends, I did manage to finish a few things:  A couple of commissions; translated Chapter 10 of KDOS (which Eternia is editing); a Sponsored Project chapter; plus a special extra… which is extra special(?)!  So let’s get to it!

    COMMISSION: “100 Yen Book 2 and 3” by Happy Water


    These are two short, but labor-intensive-edited, Bleach doujinshis that were a commissioned by Raikoh of Doujin-Moe. I was going to give him a month’s exclusivity, but he’s already got a gallery posted on E-Hentai…. so the exclusivity thing seemed kinda moot.

    Anyhoo, please check out Raikoh’s site, Doujin-Moe (

    COMMISSION: “Keep On Smiling” by Mystic Chord


    This nice Card Captor Sakura story comes from a compilation of Mystic Chord’s earlier stuff and commissioned by AnAlias.

    The file includes a somewhat cleaned-up cover, TOC and authors introductory comments.

    SPONSORED PROJECT: Shinkon Shimai – Chapter 1 by Wamusato Haru


    I think I’m really gonna enjoy translating this one.  The scans are pretty good and the art is great! (Well, I like it!) I must admit, the characters are among the basics: Three sisters: An older, megane-ko; a middle, a loli-type; and a younger, cute, tall, silent (literally silent!) type.  In fact, the silent type I find to be the most interesting character thus far!…but that’s just me.

    This chapter is brought to you by The “Great Scott!” L.  Surprised by finest in hentai?  Think “Great Scott!”

    Please enjoy!

    TOKUBETSU (SPECIAL): “LAZY, LAZY” by Sukapon-do

    I’m, like, a total Mio fan! Totally! And I’m a fan of K-On!

    This is the first of a number of K-On doujinshis that I would like to tackle.  Since this isn’t your ordinary, commercial manga, I’m thinking of starting a new section just for doujinshis… that are not commissions… well, at least, I’m thinking about it… we’ll see. ^_^;;

    Anyhow, I liked the art enough to quickly translate/edit this.

    MIO SHRINE – K-On!


    For those who don’t know about K-On!… It’s like Azumanga Daioh with rock-band instruments and an occasional music video.  (Screen caps from the anime’s ending credits.)  Check out Anime Suki for fan-subs of the anime (there are numerous fan-subbers), and Baka Manga for scanslations of the manga (there are numerous scanslators). You can also read on-line at Manga Helpers, courtesy of the scanslation group Hyena Scans.

    Acknowledgements (and a lot of hope!… with some project updates sprinkled in!):

    • Suiton, Dizzle: As you know, I’m obligated with commissions and sponsored projects first.  But with only 6 pages to go, I hope to finish it so I can post it next week. Wish me luck!
    • Hachiko: Glad you like Princess Propose. Hope to have the rest of the manga completed soon.
    • Daredevil: I hope to start working on Hana’s Holiday and Muuko-san chapters next week.
    • Gizmo, Pehu, Zathael: As always, I appreciate you visiting! ^_^  Hope you enjoy the new stuff!
    • Eternia: Hope you’re doing well with the editing!  ^_^

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