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Raped Mother – Ch15, Plus Complete Manga

The Widow Of Spring Blossoms

Final Chapter of Raped Mother. No April foolin’. ^_^


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Raped Mother – CH13-14

Young, Therefore Requested / An Unexpectedly Frequent Thing, A Frequent Relationship

2 more chapters of Raped Mother with 1 more to go! 2 more chapters in the continuing sexploits of Mama and Jun-kun. Many thanks to Marcelino for sponsoring chapter 13. ^_^

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Raped Mother – Ch11-12+

Every Day The Same Okaa-san / First Love

2 more chapters of Raped Mother with 3 more to go! I wanted to post this on Wednesday, but since I made some last-minute changes, it was best that I didn’t. ^_^;; Many thanks again to Grey Fox for sponsoring these two chapters as well. BOW (ONEGAI)

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Raped Mother – Revamped files plus 2 new chapters

Chapters 00-10

Out Of Site Out Of Mind. Literally. I didn’t realize it until January after my vacation that my files for Raped Mother was totally gone. I can only guess I lost them, along with my files for Higashiyama Shou’s “Gift” and possibly others that I failed to notice, when my hard drives/computers crashed back in October last year. Not to mention, with all the other happenings in life, this project got seriously overlooked.

Thank goodness DepositFiles still had the raws I uploaded, and thank goodness I didn’t lose my torrent files of Faytear’s edits.

Anyhow, with raws and Fayt’s old edits retrieved, I set out to do Plan A: To translate and edit the rest of manga this month, since it’s suffered far to many delays. But, as usual, Plan A is far from going as planned; so, I’m at Plan B: Which is to at least post what I have so far.

As the title of the post sez, I revamped this project, doing a some things differently:

  • Corrected a major faux pax on my part for giving Fayt the wrong sponsor name.
  • Taking Fayt’s edits, I cleaned up the pages a bit… it’s still his edits; the pages just look cleaner.
  • I renumbered the files to correspond with the page numbers… a standard practice I’ve been doing with all tankoubons, lately.
  • And in the course of renumbering the files, renumbering the chapters to correspond with the TOC.

So, I have a new RAR file for all for the cleaned versions of Fayt’s edits–files renamed and renumbered–and also included 2 more chapters that I recently completed. Many thanks to Grey Fox for sponsoring Chapters 09 and 10, and much more thanks for his infinite amount of patience. ^/^

Anyhoo, without further ado, I present to you the first 10 chapters of Raped Mother… with more to come very soon… I hope. ^_^;;

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Sponsored Project: [Izawa Shinichi] Raped Mother – Ch01

Normally I’d post this on Sunday, but I know I won’t have the chance this weekend. I’m still away on my trip, and I won’t be back until Sunday night (jet-lag and all). Thus I’ll be relying on Faytear’s uploads for now. ^_^;;

Anyhow, I present to you a sponsored project; my joint project with Faytear: Chapter 1 of Raped Mother by Izawa Shinichi. Got MYLF? Well, this one does a body good! I would love to see this one decensored! (Big hint to some editor out there!) Check out Fayt’s blog for links and his comments.

This chapter is brought to you by JukanX: Proudly sponsoring some of hentai’s finest! Enjoy!

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