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Hoozuri – Ch08

The First Pyu♥!

Still trying to catch up on posting a number of commissions I did recently for some people.

Commissioned by Pinheadchains. Many thanks to Pinheadchains for this. ^/^

Enjoy! ^_^

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Nakayoshi-chan – Ch 01-02

My Hospital Room II and Our Summertime

Before I hit the sack, I figured I’d take time to post this commission a while back for Pinheadchains: 2 stories from Nakayoshi-chan by Hoshino Fuuta.

Many thanks to Pinheadchainsfor this commission.

Have a great weekend, y’all.  Enjoy! ^_^

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COMMISSION: Hare Tokidoki Nurenezumi-CH04 by Hoshino Fuuta

The Doll House

. .

A one shot story, entitled “The Doll House”, taken from the Hoshino Fuuta’s manga, Hare Tokidoki Nurenezumi. Commissioned by Pinheadchains.

Since Monday was a holiday, I actually managed to finish this one quicker than expected.  The raws on this one were pretty bad, and I had to clean them up quite a bit. …Well, actually, I didn’t have to, but I did anyways.


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Harem X Harem – Chapter 7, plus Hoshino Fuuta Commission

It’s late and I got a busy day tomorrow…er… later today, so let’s get to it!

SPONSORED PROJECT: Harem x Harem – Chapter 7


I was hoping to finish both chapters 7 and 8 this weekend (among other things), but as usual, nothing turns out as one hopes. I did, however, managed to churn out chapter 7, so I’m releasing it now! I hope to get chapter 8 done within the next few days.

This chapter is brought to you by The “Great Scott!” L.  If you’re surprised by hentai, think “Great Scott!”

COMMISSION: “Touki Shukusha” by Hoshino Fuuta


This one-shot translation was commissioned by Zeikcied.

If it’s a story by Hoshino Fuuta, there’s really nothing much to say! ^_^

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