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Shinkon Shimai – Chapter 9

The Newlywed Life Began – The Second Day

If all goes well tonight and tomorrow night, I hope to finish off chapter 10 and complete this manga. In the meantime, I present to you Chapter 9.

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Enjoy the view! ^_^

New Sponsored Project…

With Jaran’s blessing and appreciation, I’m putting up Kuchu Kuchu Mama♡ in the sponsored projects section. For those of you who have the means and would like help Jaran and see more chapters of this project, please visit the Sponsored Projects Page for Kuchu Kuchu Mama♡.

Hope to finish Shinkon Shimai before the weekend. If not, will try on Sunday night. Also in the pipeline, Muv-Luv Alternative.

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Shinkon Shimai – Ch.08

The Newlywed Life Began

This may perhaps be a fitting and sweet story to kick off Valentine’s Day. No plot. Just a cutely drawn, virgin couple having sex for the first time on their honeymoon.

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In the pipeline…

This weekend turned out to be non-hentai weekend (ie. kids were around), so I ended up working on parts of Koe De Oshigoto! a bit; and I’m two-thirds done! My weekends seem to have been non-hentai more often than not, lately; so I’m anticipating that I’ll be finishing that next weekend.

This week, I’ll be working on a commission. If I get done early with at least the first chapter of that, I’ll try to work on chapter 9 of Shinkon Shimai.

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Shinkon Shimai – Ch.07

Hitomi’s Secret

Yay! Chapter 7 of Shinkon Shimai is done!

This is a stand-alone story and not related to the previous chapters or following chapters.

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In The Pipeline…

Before I tackle the last 3 chapters of Shinkon Shimai, I’ll be working on the next chapter of Re-Start.  (I hope it won’t take me too long.)  I’ll resume Shinkon Shimai immediately after that.

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Sponsored Project: Shinkon Shimai – Chapter 5 and 6

Three Sisters Story: Memories 5 plus Omake

. . . .

Had to take a break from the heavy editing of Puberty Crazies, just so I can present to you Chapter 5 and 6 (a short omake) of Shinkon Shimai.  In this chapter, Ryoutarou goes to heaven!

4 chapters/2 stories to go on this sponsored project. This chapter is brought to you exclusively by the “Great Scott!”: Always bringing you the finest in harem hentai! ^_^

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Sponsored Project: Shinkon Shimai – Chapter 4

Onee-chan’s turn…finally!

. . .

I was hoping to finish this last week. But perhaps it’s good that I didn’t, ‘coz I ended up changing the dialog a bit (down to the last minute!)

Anyhow, I present to you Chapter 4 of Shinkon Shimai.  English translated, edited and selectively de-censored. ^_^

This chapter is brought to you by “Great Scott!”: Bringing you the finest in harem mangas. And by bmg6486.

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