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Puri Puro ~ Princess Propose~ Uncensored

Thanks to H9Eleven…

Thanks to H9Eleven at Uncensored Hentai World, Itou Ei’s Puri Puro is now completely (instead of selectively) decensored. Please visit his blog and check it out! ^_^

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Puri Puro (complete?) missing page

Thanks to Sylx for bringing to my attention a missing page to the “complete” file… page 149.  Wasn’t so complete after all, was it! ^_^;;

For those who want the missing page, I have numerous solutions:

  1. You can download the one file from ImageVenue by clicking the image above, or by downloading here, and renaming the file accordingly:
  2. You can also download image via MediaFire:
    1. FILE:
    2. IMAGE VIEW:
  3. You can upload the new torrent and download to the same file to add the missing page.
    1. (No, you won’t have to download the whole thing again. You’ll just download the one page to the existing file.)
    2. I’ll have new torrents posted in a few minutes... Links on the last post will be updated.
  4. If you know how to use PAR files, you can download the PAR file here to fix the existing file.

  5. E-Hentai gallery is already updated.

Thanks again to Sylx for bringing this to my attention, and my apologies for the error.  ^_^;;

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Puri Puro – Chapters 6 to 8, plus Omake

AAARGH! Same ol’ same ol’:  Works been a keeping me freaking busy!  I even had a major office emergency yesterday! *sigh*

Anyhow, after having 3 weekends killed in a row (except for Father’s day!— Family fun time! ^_^), I’m finally taking a breather to blog and distribute.

Puri Puro – Chapters 6 to 8 (final), plus Omake


Remina. A fictional princess. These are the final chapters of the sponsored project, Puri Puro. It’s final mission, to be fully translated from Japanese to English. To seek out clean edits and improved image quality. To boldly go to before English reading fans unlike ever before!

These chapters were made possible by the following sponsors: Chapter 06 is brought to you by The Dashing Dale M and The Incredible Chris J ! Chapters 07 and 08 are exclusively brought to you by The Dashing Dale M!

Love hentai? Love the sponsors! (Or at least pass on a word of appreciation to them! ^_^)

PLUS! I also have the complete manga, sans extras, in MaxHQ, available as well. ^_^

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Just for the curious, apparently chapter 1 was originally translated by Hannugi some time ago when the story was first introduced in Comic Megastore H.  I’m including a link for his version, as well.



Tonight, I’m currently working on a commission: One that’s commissioned by Bre.  Work kinda shot my plans yesterday, so hopefully I can finish it tonight as promised!

There were a number of people inquiring about GIFT (sorry for not publishing your comments), especially Prevert, who is the sole sponsor of chapters 3 to 5, and part of 6!  Sorry, Prevert.  I haven’t heard from Azarius in a while. I’m hoping he’s doing okay and just caught up in normal life, and nothing more. If I don’t hear from him soon, I do have alternative plans of editing the chapters myself (with my style of fonts!)… which may dash Azarius’ intentions, but…. Anyhow, sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience! ^_^;;  Hopefully, I’ll hear from Azarius, soon.

I’m also awaiting for Nemesis’ edits of Bete Obscene, chapter 3.  🙁  I hope he’s doing okay, and hope to hear from him, too.

After my commission, I hope to finish up Koe De Oshigoto scripts for Eternia, plus chapters for Muv-Luv Unlimited & Haken No Muuko-san all next week (finally!).

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[Itou Ei] Puri+Puro ~ Princess Propose [Complete]

This page links to

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Puri Puro – Chapter 5 and Hana’s Holiday Season 2 – Chapter 4

Another hectic month, and that’s just my normal life!! *sigh* A couple new chapters, and more updates for Suiton and others.

Princess Propose – Chapter 5

As usual, I keep forgetting how involved the editing of Princess Propose is… and I’m not even working on the SFXs! As with all the other chapters, the scans are excellent, tone and quality wise; unfortunately, they’re not square! And some pages were tilted moreso than others! Aargh! The upside… as usual, I did some de-censoring… and since this is Princess Remina’s chapter, it was worth it! (She’s so cute!)

This chapter is sponsored exclusively by the marvelous Dale M!  If it’s marvelous, it must be Dale M!

(Doing my own de-censoring takes away from Ghost55’s gig, but I’ve been doing this from the beginning. Ghost55 does some very good de-censoring… check out his blog, if you haven’t done so! )

Hana’s Holiday 2 – Chapter 4


With all the heavy duty editing with Puberty Crazies last week (and this week!), I wanted to work on something quick to post. So I worked on Chapter 4 of Hana’s Holiday Season 2. As it turned out, I wasn’t able to post last week. (Like a said, it’s a hectic month.)

New Sponsored Projects:

  • Bete Obscene
    • As I mentioned on my last post, this is originally a commission solely by Nemesis, who is doing the editing for FREE! Just in case one or some of you want to help Nemesis out in funding it, I decided to put it among my Sponsored Projects.
  • Raped Mother

    • This is one of three possible joint projects with Faytear, who’ll be doing the editing.   The 2 other projects I will post another time.
    • Sorry. Unlike Nemesis or Azarius, he’s not doing the editing for free, and with good reason: Faytear is just hoping to earn some extra cash to help pay for more commissions that he can edit.  The more he edits, the more wonderful hentai for all to read!  ^_^
    • The title really doesn’t do the manga much service, since there’s a lot of consensual sex in this manga. Nevertheless, I like the artwork a lot in this one!
    • You can check out the stuff Fayt commissions and edits on his blog:

Project Updates:

  • Puberty Crazies Update… aka Radical Ed(iting)…

    • Because Puberty Crazies is a more laborious effort, editing wise, I took a break to work with Hana-san real quick. For those who may be bit curious about the editing efforts I’m undertaking, I’m providing a sample of, perhaps, the most extreme editing situation that I do.
    • In the three samples above, I have a copy of the raw scan, a clean blank edit, and an edit page with SFX. Before, I used to edit and translate as I go; but lately, I’ve returned to my old practice of cleaning all the pages first, then translating and typsetting afterwards (or as in this case, I’m working with Humpty’s script). This is why I don’t have the dialog in the pages yet.
    • Also, I normally don’t fuss with redrawing the all detail to cover up the original Japanese SFXs; especially since the English SFXs usually ends up covering much of the stuff I redraw (as you can see in the third sample). But there are certain instances , as in this case, where there’s just too much detail that can be easily missed or mis-drawn (such as having a line go where it shouldn’t go). Besides, I was committed to giving Puberty Crazies the royal treatment from the get go; it would be a shame for me to slack off on it now.  (Plus, pages like these are sort of a personal challenge!)
    • Anyhow, at my current pace, I hope to have at least chapters 7 and 8 done next week. Since Humpty did the script, hopefully, after all the initial prep work, the typesetting won’t take too long.  ^_^ We’ll see how it goes.
  • Harem X Harem
    Like with Puberty Crazies, I did a lot of the prep work for this one. So I may be able to get this done this weekend.  Unlike Puri-Puro, most of the pages are straight.  Unfortunately, every other page has an annoying “print line”.
  • Gift

    • Sorry for the wait Azarius.  I should be starting on Chapter 3 on Friday.
    • This manga happens to be word abundant!
  • Koe De Oshigoto!
    I sent Etery-chan the script for chapter 8 last week, so I’m hoping it won’t long for her to finish editing. I hope to work on Chapter 9 and the script for Chapter 10 before the weekend. I’ve kinda given KDOS priority, compared to some of the other free stuff, because our objective is to get caught up to Chapter 10 (and soon, Chapter 11), then Etery can continue with the editing from then on each month.
  • Muv-Luv Unlimited
    Sorry, I haven’t started on chapter 15, yet.  This project has always been my fall back when kids and family are around.
  • Glossary Update
    New Glossaries are now available on my MediaFire folder. And you thought I only did translations and edits!


  • Eternia: No, I wouldn’t forget about Ko-…something or other… …
  • Oliver: I haven’t checked out Lillilicious’ translation of Maka Maka, but now that you mentioned it, I’ll be sure to do so! ^_^
  • Suiton: You can’t rush good art. And as you can see with the way I edit (and translate), I treat the artist’s work with a lot of respect.
  • Pehu: Oh no! Soap and water! Alcohol! Turpentine! Something! Just get it off o’ me!! Quick!!!
  • Zathael: Thanks, Zath, for caring and for taking vigil on my blog. Seriously, thank you for your concern! I’m very touched! T_T I’m okay; I’m not sick or anything. I’m just incredibly busy, not only with the translations, but with my normal life!

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