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Funny Bunny Vol. 2

An Original Doujinshi by D’Erlanger

Quick post tonight, coz I have to head back out to work. *sigh*

Here’s the 2nd volume of D’Erlanger’s Funny Bunny’s sexploits. Brought to you through the generosity and courtesy of Anonymous. Coz when you’re Anonymous, you’re Awesome!

Many, many, many thanks to Anonymous for sponsoring this project. ^/^


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Funny Bunny Vol. 1

An Original Doujinshi by D’Erlanger

This is the first of 2 posts for tonight.  First up is the hentai stuff.

I was hoping to post this last week, but better late than never. Tonight I bring you a sponsored project that a nice anonymous sponsor paid for in full. So, thanks to Anonymous, and to art248 (who we do appreciate…for chipping in as well!), this project is seeing the light of day a computer monitor! ^_^

It’s an original, short, vanilla doujinshi by the circle D’Erlanger featuring a cute but dumb funny bunny.

Many thanks in part to art248, and especially to Anonymous who sponsored not only the rest of this project, but Volume 2 in full as well. I hope to post Volume 2 in a day or 2.


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Sponsored Projects: New Project and Update

NEW PROJECT:  “Kaikan! Oneesan” by Chiba Dirou

Besides commissions, which I normally work on during the weeknight, among my weekend projects are the Sponsored Projects.

I’ve changed my approach to Sponsored Projects. As of late, the projects that I’ll be included are ones that I have completely, or almost completely (about 80%), translated, before announcing them. My goal is to not have delays or have these projects fall through the cracks. After all, these are sponsored.

This Sponsored Project I’m posting about today is “Kaikan! Oneesan” by Chiba Dirou. The Sensei behind the classic “Were-Slut” (Henshin! Tonari no Kimiko-san), and was a featured artist in a recent Tenshi Muyou! doujinshi I translated.

This manga is a set of 8 humorous, non-related short stories, in a variety of themes: MILFs, Sports (volleyball, badminton, golf), Food, Incest (step-brother/step-sister), Harem, Skinny Guy, Fat Guy, and Onsen. Preview provided on the right.

Unlike Tsukumimi, which was de-censored, this manga is uncensored, BTW.

If you would like to sponsor this project, please visit the Sponsored Projects page for more info.

UPDATE: Funny Bunny, Volume 1

Art248, who we do appreciate, was thus far the first and only contributor to D’Erlanger’s Funny Bunny. Thanks to him, I present to you two pages (on the right) thus far of this short doujinshi.

Many thanks, Art248, for your contribution and sponsorship. ^/^

If you would like to sponsor this project, please visit the Sponsored Projects page for more info.

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New Sponsored Projects

I’ve been so busy with stuff for everyone else that I’ve kinda neglected introducing some new Sponsored Projects. I was thinking of posting this at the start of the New Year, but as I was preparing this post and related pages, I figured “Ah, what the hell!”  So before I post any of the commissions I’ve done thus far I’d like to introduce a few new Sponsored Projects for starters. There are a number of other mangas I’d like to include, but for now I’ll introduce these three–especially since I’ve already done my prep-work on them: Tsukumimi, Volume 1 by R. Koga, and 2 original doujinshis by D’Erlanger.  Early in the New Year, I hope introduce a few other mangas I’m considering as Sponsored Projects.  But, as always, we’ll see how that goes. ^_^;;If you’d like to sponsor any of these projects, please click on the Click Here To Sponsor… link to go to my Blogspot page, and select the proper PayPal button.

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Tsukumimi Volume 1

TSUKUMIMI – Volume 1

A loli-mimi-miko-harem story, featuring a cursed rock sealed at a Shinto shrine.

I had hoped to post this as a Sponsored Project for some time, but never got around to it until now. I don’t think anyone else has picked this one up, yet. This one has very little censorship, so I’ll be decensoring whatever is left! ^_^

There’s a volume 2 available in Japan, but nobody has posted any raws, yet.

    • TOC: 1 pages. Goal $0.00. FREE!
    • Chapter 1: 26 pages. Goal $39.00.
    • Chapter 2: 24 pages. Goal $36.00.
    • Chapter 3: 24 pages. Goal $36.00.
    • Chapter 4: 16 pages. Goal $21.00.
    • Chapter 5: 28 pages. Goal $42.00.
    • Chapter 6: 26 pages. Goal $39.00.
    • Chapter 7: 24 pages. Goal $36.00.
    • Chapter 8: 23 pages. Goal $34.50.
    • Character Introduction and Postscript: 3 pages. Goal $FREE.99! ^_^
  • Raw Manga

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Funny Bunny 1 &/or 2

Funny Bunny, Volumes 1 and 2

Two short original doujinshis by D’Erlanger featuring a cute, ditzy, busty, moe bunny girl…no, not the furry kind. ^_^

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Milk Pie

1st Tea Break

This short doujinshi is a no frills translation project, of sorts: No SFXs, no notes, not even the author’s comments. The scans were pretty straight and clean; I really didn’t have to do much.  However, due to a momentary lapse of sanity, I did decensor a couple of panels!

I wanted to translate this one for the heck of it, ‘coz I do like D’Erlanger’s (Show Yamazaki) works. And now that I have my taxes done (YAY!), I figured I’d celebrate by posting this real quick before continuing my work with Gift, Chapter 3! ^_^ Enjoy!

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