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Tubular Bells by Black Dog… and an Honorable Mention

Sailor Venus is, like, Totally Tubular!


Before I start on the next DL Action manga, I wanted to take a break of sorts to work on this Sailor Moon doujin. This one is brought to you courtesy of the commissioner, Onslaught1337.

As I told Onslaught1337, this one caught me off-guard and took a bit longer than anticipated. Early on in the translation, there were a few spots where I couldn’t make out Black Dog’s penmanship, for some reason. Once I got used to the penmanship, however, the rest of the manga was a bit easier to translate. There was also amount of text to contend with, which didn’t seem as much when I initially read it through it versus when I started editing it! Then again, I’ve always been a fussy editor, so I should learn to take that into consideration. ^_^;;

Anyhow, many thanks to Onslaught1337 for this commission. Please enjoy! ^_^

Honorable Mention: Storm In Heaven

Some months ago, one of the girls/members of the scanslation group Storm In Heaven recently asked if they could use my version of HaruNatsuAkiFuyu (a yuri doujin that I was commissioned to translate back in March.) I was honored that they would even ask me! LOL! Anyhow, after I gave my permission, some months later, they finally finished it and they gave me a chance to preview it. ^_^ I gotta say, these gals did one hell of a job! For those of you who read Italian (and English, too!), and like yuri and shoujo-ai, please check out Storm in Heaven.  They said they’d post HaruNatuAkiFuyu on Tuesday.

Next Up…

.Since it was a non-hentai weekend, I worked on chapter 20 of Muv-Luv Unlimited. I hope to finish this up tomorrow and start work on DL Action 39 immediately after.

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Commission: Cream Starter+ by Black Dog

I was going to wait until I had some other stuff done before posting, but just in case today doesn’t go as planned… as it rarely does…

I Love Ami-chan!

. . (Chibi Ami and Mako = kawaii!)

… and Mio-chan and Hinata-chan, too, of course.

I never really was into Sailor Moon doujinshis until onslaughtl337 commissioned me to translate this one.   Being only somewhat familiar with the Sailor Moon series, I had to do some Wikipedia research on the characters beforehand.  Anyhow, because of my research and this doujinshi, I can pretty much say I’m a fan of Ami-chan! ^_^ (After Hinata and Mio, of course!)

Many thanks to onslaught1337 for commissioning me to work on this. Enjoy your Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter raep (done in a tongue-in-cheek fashion).

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