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Cherry Town, Last 2 Chapters!, plus Complete Manga

Two Hawks and Cherry Town

Here they are, the last 2 chapters of Cherry Town. Unlike the other chapters, which were presented chronologically, as published, these 2 chapters were reversed. Since both chapters feature the same character, I guess the editors figured it made better sense to present them in this order. Perhaps Appleton had planned on expanding on this character. Who knows.

Chapter 9 is sponsored by Bre; chapter 10 is sponsored by Ehud: Teaming up to round up another complete manga!

Many, many thanks to Bre, Ehud, and also Zathael and Gizmo for sponsoring this manga.

In The Works…

I’ll be working on Chapter 5 of Gift, Monday and Tuesday night. Starting Wednesday, I have some other matters that I’ll be tending to, so I may not get back to working on it and other stuff until a week later. As always, we’ll see how it goes.

Also, for those who will be submitting entries for the editing contest, I’ll be looking forward to them!

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Cherry Town – Chapter 8

Little ♥ Darlin’

This is a cute loli/shota love story, brought to you by a frequent visitor and new sponsor, Ehud:  Sharing the goodness of cute hentai!

Many thanks to Ehud for sponsoring this chapter. If you find you enjoyed this chapter (and the others), and if it’s within your means, please consider sponsoring a chapter as Ehud, Giz, Zathael, and Bre have done! More info on the Sponsored Projects page.


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Cherry Town – Chapter 7

Temporary Licensed Witch, Cherry

Another fun chapter of Cherry Town brought to you by Bre: Sponsoring the finest in fun hentai mangas! ^_^

For some reason, I was a bit fussier in cleaning the image of this chapter. I wouldn’t call this chapter “furry” but it does have nekomimi, yuri, and a girl who’s built like a horse! XD All cute, temporary licensed witches should be part neko and called “Cherry.”

Enjoy this chapter!

Up Next…

Starting on chapter 3 of Momoiro Peanuts. Hope to finish this chapter just as quick as Cherry Town’s chapter.  (See how the cold medicine affects me, ‘tho!)  And I hope to work on Muv-Luv Unlimited and Koe De Oshigoto! this weekend.

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Cherry Town – Chapter 6

Young Maiden 26

realgizmo sponsored this chapter last week, and I actually managed to complete it in a 2 days, just before Christmas, including translating, editing, and cleaning of the medium-low quality raw files. Only now do I have the chance to post it. As I said last post, kids were around.

Anyhow, many thanks to Gizmo for sponsoring this fun chapter. If it’s not Widget the White it’s gotta be realgizmo!

Enjoy! And if you enjoy this chapter, and have disposable income to spare, please consider sponsoring this manga!

Now that MegaPron has ended up like RapidShit…

…and have been very poor in responding to me… per the request of DepositFiles’ avid promoter and sales rep, DepositFinder vixenfinder, I’m trying out DepositFiles. I know even Oliver at Hentai Rules highly recommends them (they pay for unique hits), and I actually have an account with them (I have accounts all over the place!). But since someone (perhaps vixenfinder–‘coz I do find this all too coincidental) has gone and complained to MegaPron AND MediaFire and had my files deleted (curious how it was only the most recent and popular files), I’m forced to use yet another file host.  I could have re-uploaded to MegaPron, but as I said, they were poor in responding.  So we’ll see how long this one will lasts. Perhaps vixenfinder did me a favor and this is a blessing.  Only time will tell.

For those new to my blog, I have at least managed to upload most of the mangas that I’ve completed. You can download them at this folder in the meantime:  HERE.

All the other files, I’ll try to get to whenever I can. I’m still considering other options.

Still in the works

I was hoping to finish Chapter 5 of Muuko-san tonight. Unfortunately, today was one of those long-ass, 11 hour work days. Add an hour commute time and plus time for a late dinner, and my evening is practically shot. Still, after this post, I’ll try to work on what I can ‘coz tomorrow is the start of another, long non-hentai weekend. (Meaning: I have my kids this weekend!)

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Cherry Town – Chapter 5

Danger♡ Virgin Girl

*Now that the kids are fast asleep, dreaming of sugar plum fairies and Santa…*

Here is the 5th chapter of Cherry Town. Brought to you exclusively by Zathael: Sponsoring the finest in humorous hentai.

Many thanks to Zathael for exclusively sponsoring this chapter.

This story reminds me of the time this girl, who forgot her panties, came crashing into me on the way to school, and… …hah! As if! Only in my hentai dreams!

As usual, if you’re interested in the other stories by Appleton and have funds to spare, please consider sponsoring a chapter or two! HAPPY-GOODBOY


Now that Cherry Town 5 is complete, I’ll see if I can finish Muuko-san on Sunday night. Right now, it’s a non-hentai weekend (ie. kids are around), so that means I’ll be working on the next chapter of Muv-Luv Unlimited!… hopefully, that will be done by Sunday as well.

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