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Goddess Pleasure Life

An Ah! My Goddess! Doujinshi by Tenchuumaru

LAST YEAR, Anonymous Sponsor brought this to my attention. I thought I posted this back in May after I had posted Nightmare Of My Goddess Vol. 12. With everyday life and hard drive crash frustrations (I apparently lost my first set of JPEGs, but thankfully not my Photoshop files), I totally forgot.

No surprise there. There are other things I haven’t posted yet. However, I have decided to post this one! …Because Belldandy is important! HAPPY-PEACE photo 7018.gif

Without further ado, I present to you perhaps the one Tenchuumaru doujinshi of Ah! My Goddess that, according to Anonymous Sponsor back then, wasn’t translated, yet. (Prolly because of the heavy censorship?) Tenchuumaru did this one in a rush before Volume 8. I don’t believe it’s part of the NOMG series.

Many, many thanks to Anonymous Sponsor for this commission.


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Nightmare Of My Goddess, Volume 12

Time Of Healing

I hate to say this, but Anonymous Sponsor commissioned me to work on this back in NOVEMBER! He, Dxasmodeus, and Waver, all independently have me doing some major stuff. My apologies to all of you for being so slow. ^/^

Anyhow, tonight I bring you NOMG V12 (or NMG as Tenchuumaru-dono abbreviates it). Commissioned by Anonymous Sponsor. Four pages of plot, 38 pages of naked-Belldandy-goodness! ^_^

Many, many thanks to Anonymous Sponsor for this commission and for his infinite amount of patience. ^/^


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