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Editor Contest #1


Welcome editors!  The purpose of this is to have fun editing.  I don’t want anyone stressing over this.  If you think you got skilz, let’s see ’em!

The challenge: Piece the two pages shown above by filling in the missing information, and do it seamlessly. For extra credit, fill in missing information on the top and bottom of the pages, so the heights of both pages are evenly matched overall without cropping.

The prize: I will translate (script only) the story of your choice (20 pages or less), so long as the subject matter is within the parameters of what I’m willing to translate.  I will not translate certain genres, including: yaoi, guro, excessively violent rape, tentacle, beastiality, insect-iality, and any weird stories of mutated women with multiple vaginal orafices.  Anything else is subject to approval.

Bonus: If you’re the winner, and you edit the story I scripted for you, provide me a link of your finished work and I’ll announce it (and your site, if applicable) here on my blog.

Caveat: I reserve the right to edit the story as well. 😉

The rules: In order for me to judge your work:

  1. You may work with the file shown; or, if you have the means, make or find a better scan for yourself to work off of.  In either case, this image has to be layered underneath for comparison purposes and the text show here (font style and all) has to be present.
  2. You need to save your file as a Photoshop PSD file, or TIFF file, if you’re using Gimp.  File must remain un-flattened, showing the various layers/techniques you use.
  3. I expect the file to be large, so it’s best to ZIP or RAR it, upload it to MediaFire, and provide me a link.  Include the pages of story you would like translated, and a text file with your name (nickname), email address, group affiliation and web address (if any), and the source of the story (the manga or Comic issue it came from).  Email me at with “PURI PURO CHALLENGE” as the subject.
  4. I’ll be mainly judging on how clean your work is and how much (or how little) you alter the original art/scan.
  5. Submit your entry by Saturday, February 28, 2009.  I’ll announce the winner a week later, March 7, and hopefully have the script ready for your story of choice as well!  🙂

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