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Sponsored Projects

About Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects (or Donor Projects) are projects where individuals can pool their monies together towards getting a manga translated and edited.  Because of mishaps and confusion with commissions in the past, I presently translate and edit these projects well in advance before I submit them as a Sponsored Project; so, barring any unexpected happenstance, the turnover time will be quick.

If would like to sponsor or find out more information about a project, SELECT or CLICK ON the project you’re interested in below for chapter prices.

Please click on the “CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR…” link to go to a separate “SPONSORED PROJECTS” page, and contribute or donate via PayPal.

I know it’s an extra step, but I’ve heard stories about how PayPal frowns on “pron”. I translate as a “service”…and that service includes translating “non-hentai” and “hentai” projects.  Anyhow, this separate page is to keep PayPal from giving me grief, and to help promote my translating and editing services.

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