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The following entrants are the winners to this year’s contest.


Kiseichu, to sum up what he wrote, is a graphite artist.  He says he entered the contest as pay back for being a long time lurker; so he doesn’t have any particular tankoubon he wants scripted (although he is looking forward to more harems and Hana!); and for that, nor does he have any desire to edit it (he’s happy with me doing the work! LOL!).    Still, I do hope he finds a specific manga he would like to edit, ‘coz he’s got awesome skillz!

Here is a sample of his edits for pages 17 and 18.

Note: Because Kiseichu is used to working with manga art for making wallpaper and signature tags, he took the time to remove the bubbles entirely!  Not that this was a requisite;  he actually doesn’t get any extra points for that!  (*doh!*)  His edit for page 18 was good overall; but, if I may nit-pick, his de-censoring falls a tad short here, IMHO:  There are some minor details he missed (very minor!).  Still, overall, an extremely impressive job!

Congratulations to Kiseichu for being the Grand Prize Winner!

2nd PLACE (?) WINNER: Nemesis (Little White Butterflies)

Just as impressive was Nemesis’ entry.  Nemesis is artistry, as he puts it, is a traditional painting style.  This translates to a different editing style compared to Kiseichu: Well-defined lines which make bolder detail, compared to the Kiseichu’s subtle diffusion.

I could have been an asshole (or smart!) and not award a prize to Nemesis, but I was genuinely impressed with his work as well.  There were a number of spots where it looked rushed (more on that a little later), especially when compared to Kiseichu’s work.  But, Nemesis did do a slightly better job than Kiseichu on a few panels with regards to detail.  And like with Kiseichu, when summing up the “good” from the “not as good”, the “good” is an overwhelming majority.

Here’s a sample of Nemesis’ edit for page 11, and page 17, just for comparison sake.

Note:  Even Nemesis admits he rushed in doing the edits.  Unfortunate for him, he found out about the contest a month late; thus (and I’m sure he knows this), some of his lines coloring on some pages, with respect to the original art, is not as clean and fluid as it could be.  (*doh* )  Fortunate for him, he’s got skillz, too, and the overall quality of his work shows it!

Congratulations to Nemesis for being the 2nd Place Winner!

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