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2010 Editing Contest




Welcome editors! The purpose of this is to have fun editing. I don’t want anyone stressing over this. If you think you got skilz, let’s see ‘em!

The basic challenge: Clean and de-censor the images, remove all texts, including SFX, and be left with a clean raw image. There is no type-setting involved; so you can’t cheat by layering a large text over the area to edit. The point of this challenge is to show how well you can redraw over the text and censored areas without drastically altering the areas surrounding it.  The other point is to have fun.

Here’s a sample of my edit for page 9 for comparison (note the leveling difference; plus I left alone the “heart” for the black balloon and the ellipses for the SFX on the bottom right panel):

Now that’s fantasy!  Having Mai Tokiha asking you if you want to fuck!  But I digress…

There are 8 images altogether, separated into 3 groups.

  • GROUP 1 (Editing Difficulty: MEDIUM):
  • GROUP 2 (Editing Difficulty: EASY):
  • GROUP 3 (Editing Difficulty: HARD):

You can download the raw files here:   I’ve also included my Page 9 samples and PSD file.

Submit the Group of your choice: Unless you want to vie for the Grand Prize, you don’t have to submit all 8 pages.  Pick and choose any one, two, or all three groups; whatever you feel comfortable and confident with.  If you want to better your odds, try entering in 2 categories, such as  Group 1 and Group 2 only.  But note: If your gonna try for Group 1 and Group 3 (the harder ones to edit), you might as well go for broke and do Group 2 as well.  In any event, just to reiterate:  The whole idea is to have fun editing!

The deadline: The last day to submit your entry is April 30th.  I’m giving you, the contestant, practically 2 full months (March and April) to prepare your entry, so please don’t submit your entry unless your certain and it’s final. I don’t want you submitting something in March only to submit a re-do in April.  For me to avoid any confusion, I will be judging your first entry only, so make it count!

The prize(s): Basically, I will translate a story of your choice (usually 20 pages or less) and will provide a script or a “simple typeset PSD file”–so long as the subject matter is within the parameters of what I’m willing to translate. I will not translate certain genres, including: yaoi, guro, excessively violent rape, tentacle, bestiality, insect-iality, and any weird stories of mutated women with multiple vaginal orifices. Anything else is subject to approval.

Since there are numerous images involved in varying degrees of difficulty, the prizes for each group are as follows:

  • GROUP 1 : Scripts for 2 stories (20 pages or less, each).
  • GROUP 2: Script for 1 story (25 pages or less…5 extra pages than usual).
  • GROUP 3: Scripts for 3 stories (20 pages or less, each).
  • GRAND PRIZE FOR ALL 8 PAGES:  Script for 1 Tankoubon (approx. 200 pages)

Since there are a lot of potential winners and prizes, I’ll be reserving the whole month of May (and possibly June) translating for this contest, starting with the winner for the easiest level.  I will present the prizes in full when I complete translating all stories within each group.

Bonus: Winner(s) will also be featured and acknowledged when I typeset the winning edits of the Mai-HiMe doujinshi.  If you’re the winner, and you edit the story I scripted for you, provide me a link of your finished work and I’ll announce it (and your site, if applicable) here on my blog.  (Show off your work!  Don’t be shy!)

Caveat: I reserve the right to edit the story as well. 😉

The judging: In order for me to judge your work:

  1. You may work with the files provided; or, if you have the means, make or find a better scan for yourself to work off of. In either case, the raw image has to be layered underneath for comparison purposes.
  2. You need to save your file as a Photoshop PSD file, or TIFF file, if you’re using Gimp. File must remain un-flattened, showing the various layers/techniques you use.
  3. I expect the files to be large, so it’s best to ZIP or RAR it, upload it to MediaFire, and provide me a link. Include the pages of story(s) you would like translated, and a text file with your name (nickname), email address, group affiliation and web address (if any), and the source of the story (the manga or Comic issue it came from). Email me at with “2010 EDITOR CHALLENGE” as the subject.
  4. I’ll be mainly judging on how clean your work is and how much (or how little) you alter the original art/scan.
  5. Submit your entry by FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010. I hope to announce the winner(s) around the first or second week of May.
  6. There are no default winners: If you’re the only entrant for a particular group but your work sux or is even just mildly decent, you don’t win. You really need to WOW! me. (Which is actually not very hard to do.)

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