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Editing Contests

Last year (2009), I introduced an editing contest on a whim: I was sorta lazy to edit a particular split page for chapter 3 of Puri Puro~Princess Propose during an initial editing process; but since I joined all the other split pages, it would have been a shame not to have this done as well.  Thus, I introduced an editing contest to have editors (noob or otherwise) show their stuff by editing that particular split page. The prize: A translation script of any manga/story, so long as the story had 20 pages or less and wasn’t among the stuff I wouldn’t translate.  (See “Editor Contest #1)

I didn’t have that many challengers, but the few or so that did take a stab at it was pretty impressive.  I had a lot of fun checking out other people’s editing styles that I decided, if possible, I would make it an annual thing.

This page is set up to serve as the parent page to each contest and may eventually showcase the winning edits.

  • 2010 Contest Winners

    • 1ST PLACE:  Kiseichu

    • 2nd Place:  Nemesis

  • 2009 Contest Winner

    • Fred Lim

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