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Koe De Oshigoto! - Chapter 10


Eternia released this chapter on her blog yesterday. I managed to upload it to MangaHelpers yesterday evening, and posted torrents early this morning. After a long 12-hour workday today, I’m finally some time to post this blog before hitting the sack.

I’ve been working assbackwards on this release of this chapter… posting to MangaHelpers first, then torrents, and now my blogs… primarily because of an over-demanding work load this week.Photobucket (Last week was demanding, this week’s over-demanding!) Luckily, I’ll be taking a last-minute, semi-business trip this Thursday and will be gone for a little more than a week. After all the rushes and demands at the office Photobucket, this’ll be a good break for me.

Anyhow, back to KDOS, in this chapter, Kanna and Motoki do it ’til they get it right… practice reading the script that is. Photobucket Enjoy!

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8 comments to Koe De Oshigoto! – Chapter 10

  • MMX

    woot! off to fap!

  • Zathael

    Woo Hoo! More KDOS! I really, really like this series. The high school girl who is physically a virgin but has had several orgasms due to her great imagination, well, lets just say I am a fan. Hopefully she and her schoolmate can have somewhat of a “normal” relationship, despite their situation.

    Can you imagine, if she can have such intense feelings just from imagining it, what would happen if she were to actually have sex? I am wondering just how far they are going to push the boundaries with this manga.

    Anyways, thanks for the share.

  • blue_blue

    This manga is prreeeccioouusssss…..

  • Zathael

    Re: “A Captain’s Job”: Considering how much of it there is on your site, I keep forgetting that you don’t like anal. 😛

  • Thank you guys for this manga! I totally loved it! XD

  • RE: KDOS: nice~ but how do your releases compare to the one done by despair works?

    RE: P.Crazies: You have another completed series that you want to get working on? What do you have in mind? Would it require decensoring?

  • I’m still away on my semi-business trip, y’all. Just taking time to respond to some comments.

    @Zathael: LOL! Yeah. I can’t figure that one out myself!
    @Shin: You’re welcome, Shin. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    @Suiton: RE:KDOS. Thanks. Despair does theirs for speed, not necessarily acuracy. Plus they don’t like to censor the dialog, and don’t fuss with the SFX…which is admirable… they have their own vision, so more power to them. I give them kudos, and even gave them an honorable mention.

    Etery and I find the censorship in the dialog to be part of the humor (and perhaps irony) to the story; plus, scriptwise, I try to be true and acurate to the dialog as best as possible… I don’t always get it right, but I try. ^_^;; (A fine example from the last chapter: Dispair used the word “cream” when it actually was “condensed milk”…It may not be a big deal, and that’s a translator’s perogative, except for the fact that Kanna was holding a carton of it in the chapter’s opening page; plus they phrased the riddle wrong.)

    RE: Besides Puberty Crazies, other mangas I’d like to complete: There’s a lot of ’em. I got a folder full of projects I’d like to introduce and tackle, including some doujinshis. Plus with new publications coming out all the time, more get added in there. But I can only do so much at a time, and as it is, I think I overbooked myself. ^_^;;

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