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Koe De Oshigoto! – Chapters 16 and 17

A KDOS Double Header

. . .

I was hoping to post this last night, but… Anyhow, I present to you two chapters of KDOS for your reading pleasure. Because I don’t do R-rated material and up when my kids are around (they’re not quite old enough, yet), I actually translated chapter 17 first.  I completed chapter 16 just last night, plus I did some final cleaning and leveling (editor stuff). I did a final review tonight, so I hope all is well.  But why am I gabbing? Enjoy KDOS!

(Uhh… Sorry for the separate RAR files.)


I’ll be working on Bre’s next commission this week: Chapters 3 and 4 of Appleton’s Cherry Town. If I get done with that without any interruptions, and if this weekend is a quiet weekend (no work, no kids), I hope to work on the next chapters of Hana’s Holiday 2 and Muuko-san and some other surprises… we’ll see how that goes. ^_^;; (If I do end up with my kids this weekend, Muv-Luv’s the alternative… or unlimited…)

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20 comments to Koe De Oshigoto! – Chapters 16 and 17

  • Magikarp9

    Totally Too Top Tier!
    Thanks Tonigobe!
    Gotta keep these alliterations going~

  • Ehud

    Many thanx Toni. I was waiting for this 1.

  • s3rius

    First of all, thank you very much for the double-release, I love this series^^

    But I have one question: Is it really necessary to replace a letter of all “bad words” with some sign? Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s much less convenient to read that way.

  • Sheol

    These 2 chapters are pure gold, and the next seems promising.
    Keep up the good work Tonigobe, and many many thanks for bringing us this awesome manga.

  • okc-ok

    Thanks for the double chapter release!

  • Tiamat

    thanks for the release

  • bakaneko

    c17 p21
    “Kanna and Fumika, you will be are customer attraction” – I think there is something wrong with this line.

    Thanks for the release. ^__^

    • *taking time to respond before I grab some dinner*
      @Magikarp9: That’s literally a lot of alliterations. (Laugh out loud!) UR most welcum, Magikarp9. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment!
      @Ehud: UR most welcum, Ehud. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. Also, thank you for your patience! ^_^
      @s3rius: UR most welcum, s3rius. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. No, I’m sure it’s not just you. In fact, in light of your query (and that of another person), I wrote this in response. Please read at your leisure.
      @Sheol: Many, many welcums, Sheol. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. Please look forward to the next chapter.
      @okc-ok: UR most welcum, okc-ok. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.
      @bakaneko: LOL! Good catch, bakaneko. Thanks! ^_^ When I get around to the tankoubons, hopefully I can have all the typos and such fixed.

  • bakaneko

    And I’ve read post about censorship. Tonigobe, that ‘editorial judgment’ of yours was very good IMO. It actually is better this way, thank you 😉

  • Zathael

    Thanks Tonigobe for a pair of great releases. I really like this series, and I am always very happy to see new chapters. I am also looking forward to your “Up Next” releases whenever you get time to finish them.

  • eternia

    Exam’s over!
    How’s life?
    All play and no work?
    Please let me do chapter 18, tonigobe-san!
    Please?! Please?!
    I can fix those kind of typo, too.
    In fact, I have already done a lot of them without asking.
    It’s toni’s decision to keep those words censored, tho. So, beg him. LOL.

  • dizzle83

    Double release, excellent. Thanks yet again, Toni. Censored words are an interesting choice, but it does seem you prefer to keep this series tame when you have the option. ^^

    Keep up the good work!

  • s3rius

    Thanks for responding, tonigobe.
    Since I have two healthy hands and a basic understanding of image editing I can just “decensor” the words on my own – that way everyone is happy 🙂
    At least I know the reasoning for the censorship now. Initially I thought it was to make it a little more youth-friendly, but that would’ve been quite ironic considering all that hentai 😀

    Anyway, looking forward to the next (hopefully double-)release!

    • *taking time to respond before I head to the office*
      @bakaneko: Thanks for the the support and chiming in, bakaneko! ^_^
      @Zathael: UR most welcum, Zath, and thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. ^_^ I’m already having certain delays (ie. my day job) impede my progress (nothing new there!), but I’m hoping to crank something out before the weekend.
      @Eternia: Hope you did well in your exams, Etery-chan. In an odd sorta way, translating and editing is “play” to me. Like with most activities, I find a much artistic expression and creativity in it. Chapter 18? Well, I actually laid out a lot of the ground work for it: resizing, some basic cleaning, etc. About the only thing I have left to do is to translate/typeset and join the two 2-page spreads. But we’ll see how it goes! ^_^
      @dizzle83: UR most welcum, dizzle83. Y’know, now that you mention it: The comic is geared for people 16 years and up; so, in a way, I am respecting the artist’s target audience. Respecting the artist’s work and original intent as much as possible is a core principle of mine.
      @s3rius: UR welcum, s3rius. I’ll probably add an additional paragraph in light of what dizzle83 brought up. And in light of you “decensoring” the words on your own: All I can say is, you must be the type who rights all the answers in the textbooks just so the next student using it can supposedly have an easier time. LOL! You could do that if you’re up to all that trouble, or you could simply just read the other group’s version. (I forget their name already. They’ve changed it once or twice, I believe. Visit Manga Updates for info.)
      *Aagh! I’m running late!*

  • Prim`s

    finally some KDOS!!
    thanks tony!!

    *currently have nothing to say except that XD*

  • vanhOeP

    a little late but yay KDOs. thank you Toni youre my hero

  • eternia

    I see… Guess I will enjoy my holiday to the fullest then.
    And started cleaning chapter 19 in the meantime~
    Seems like c_k is back!
    He’s been gone for what? Half a year?

    • @vanh0ep: Better late than never, vanh0ep. ^_^ Thank you for taking the time to visit and post a comment.

      @eternia: Merry Christmas, Etery-chan! ^_^ I didn’t realize c_k had left. I’ll email you some notes regarding chapter 19 this weekend.

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