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Yes, Virginia. There is still a Tonigobe. + Natsukaze 6

No, I’m not dead, yet. But I was exhausted!

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope you’re New Year started off splendidly. ^_^

2017 has been an extremely busy year for me–as far as my regular life is concerned. I haven’t been able to put in as much time into translating things as I would like. I’m hopeful that this year will be a lot better, where I will not only continue gainful employment, but won’t be as stressed out by the demand and workload…and have enough brain cells, energy and time to do my hobby–translating mangas!

That said, I have been TRYING to get some translations projects done. Especially one that I’ve been commissioned to do by Waver. (My apologies to Waver for taking so long ^/\^ and my sincere thanks for his patience!) It’s a major one like the last few Waver projects where I’m not only translating and editing, but I’m also handling the scanning and cleaning as well. Actually, the cleaning part is just me, because I’m fussy with how the image looks! ^_^;; But, I have set the bar kinda high for myself, where I have to put take 2-page spreads of detailed art (like the image on the left), and stitch them together almost seamlessly (like the images on the right). Anyhow, I hope to have more of that, including more Muv-Luv chapters, in the upcoming months.

Now…On To A New Year of Translations!

A Yotsubato! Doujinshi

Although I didn’t have enough brain cells to do a heady (comparatively speaking.  It does have a lot of characters and involved dialog) project like Wavers, I did have enough brain cells to do some simple pron!–just a something to keep my sanity up during the all too hectic Holiday Season. Namely, a Yotsubato! doujinshi that others didn’t translate yet–probably because of the poor quality raws.

Anyhow, since gairaigo and later Tigoris Translates translated what seems to be the follow-up to the Natsukaze series, I really wanted to see how this chapter played out; so, I thought I’d take a stab at it.  I cleaned up the raw scans as best as I could, too. See page comparison on the right. Luckily, it wasn’t as involved as this other project, but with all the “warping” and “ghosts” and apparent dirt on the glass of the scanner, it was bit more work than I would have liked!  Still, overall, it was a fun project to do!

So, Happy New Year and Enjoy!

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