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Kaigo Mashimaro 01

A Strawberry Marshmallow Parody

I’m still in the middle of a major translation project for Waver–scanning, translating and editing. I’m hoping to continue work on the 4th chapter this week, and after that, continue with Muv-Luv Alternative and Momoiro Peanuts. But with all the hectic things going on with my everyday life, I just had to give myself a fun break. So, after completing the 3rd chapter for Waver, I took a break last week to translate this “Ichigo Mashimaro” doujinshi.  After making numerous changes, I’m posting today, before heading out to work (on a Sunday!!  Like I said, hectic things going on).

It’s by the circle, Toyatei. Artist, Toyama Teiji. It features Ichigo’s best girl, Chika-chan, and a lucky old bastard. ^_^


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Tomodachi no Mama wo Otosu

To Debauch A Friend’s Mom

No April Foolin’!  I changed the title just before uploading!

This one is by the group “Basement” (Chikashitsu), or if you shop for their stuff at DLSite, they’re listed as “Underground.” Please give them your support!

I actually completed the JPEG version back in September 2015.  This started out as a possible Sponsored Project, but I decided yesterday to make it a “labor of love” project.  Thus, I’m posting it today.  (Just as well, since I’ve been super-busy with regular life and a project for Waver.)  ^_^

The original text for this story was in the form of HTML files, to be viewed in a web-browser.  To create the JPEG version, I screen-capt each page and formatted the translation to mimic the look of the HTML pages, except modified with a much larger image.  After some months mulling it over, I even ended up re-editing the HTML files in English, too.  And last night, I decided to do a PDF version for good measure!

Also, for the English HTML version, I added the little bios of the story’s two characters, which came from the circle’s website.

A true labor of love, indeed!

But enough of my gabbing.  Enjoy!

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Koe De Oshigoto! – Take 1

Complete Tankoubon! CH01-06! Revised and Re-edited!

Merry belated Christmas, ‘all.

I’ve been pretty busy with family, work, friends, work, family, and work… not to mention family and work and more work. I even ended up working for a few hours on Christmas Day. sigh Things have been way too hectic these past number of weeks for me to upload, torrent and post. I still managed to squeeze in a commission or two, but with family around, it has been difficult to do much hentai stuff, if anything. But, now that Christmas has passed and things have seemed to slowed down a little, I hope to start catching up on my posting this week!

And so, today, I bring you Volume 1 of Koe De Oshigoto! This is a re-edited, revised, and hopefully, more definitive version using the tankoubon scans, as provided by c_k from MangaHelpers. Just let me know if I missed a typo or three.


This version took a bit of work re-editing: Some of the images for the tankoubon scans were cropped terribly by the publisher (IMHO), which irked the heck out of me (for some stupid reason!), and there was much detail missing in between the split pages; but whoever scanned them did a decent job overall so I can’t complain too much; but still, I ended up reworking some of the images using the previous Comic Gum scans to fill in any missing image data. Anyhow, it became pretty much a labor of love, ‘coz I wanted this manga to look good and read good, and this version took a bit longer to work on than I had anticipated. (Nothing new there. Hardly anything ever goes as anticipated!)

But, now that it’s done, please enjoy revisiting a revised and re-edited rendition of KDOS. I’m already looking forward to getting the chance to rework the chapters for volume 2!


A Nanoha commission (hentai blog only) and more non-hentai Ichigo Mashimaro (and maybe one or two other things that escapes me at the moment), which I’ll be posting in the next 2, 3, days or 4.

I’m also in the middle of translating/editing chapter 28 and I recently scanned up to chapter 31. So KDOS fans, please have a bit more patience. ^/^

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Cherry Town – Chapter 5

Danger♡ Virgin Girl

*Now that the kids are fast asleep, dreaming of sugar plum fairies and Santa…*

Here is the 5th chapter of Cherry Town. Brought to you exclusively by Zathael: Sponsoring the finest in humorous hentai.

Many thanks to Zathael for exclusively sponsoring this chapter.

This story reminds me of the time this girl, who forgot her panties, came crashing into me on the way to school, and… …hah! As if! Only in my hentai dreams!

As usual, if you’re interested in the other stories by Appleton and have funds to spare, please consider sponsoring a chapter or two! HAPPY-GOODBOY


Now that Cherry Town 5 is complete, I’ll see if I can finish Muuko-san on Sunday night. Right now, it’s a non-hentai weekend (ie. kids are around), so that means I’ll be working on the next chapter of Muv-Luv Unlimited!… hopefully, that will be done by Sunday as well.

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SPECIAL PROJECT: Mo~tto♪Honey~Trap・ion Opel

Editing Contest Winner’s Choice!


Back in February, I held my first ever “Editing Contest.” The prize:  A translation script of any story or doujinshi, 20 pages long at most, of the winner’s choice. Well, that contest winner was Fred. He initially chose a doujinshi that, unbeknownst to him, was previously translated by SaHa.   I could have been an a**hole (as I’m ocassionally known to be oy) and stuck with Fred’s initial choice, but I privately gave Fred the opportunity to make a different choice.

That choice was a doujinshi by the circle, SAZ, based on “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 5.”

I finished the script back in March. I told Fred that I’m not familiar with the series, so I told him to feel free and make any changes necessary. Fred finished the edits in May, and boy… did he make a lot changes! So much so that I modified the translating/editing credits to reflect this fact!

When I first looked at Fred’s take, my initial reaction was of annoyance (read: translator’s pride!) and I wanted to change things… a lot! But, alas, I didn’t. I mentioned something to this nature when people complained about Azarius’ choice of fonts for “Gift”: In translating and/or editing, there is a certain “art” in what we do.

After giving it some thought, I realized that Fred actually (and obviously) put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this.  It would be thoughtless of me to have him waste all that time, thought, and effort.

I mentioned this to Fred, and he actually didn’t mind me changing things to make the dialog smoother. As he mentioned to me before, he wanted me to really vet this through. Again, there were many things I could change and perhaps smooth things out; but in the end, I didn’t want to;  I’d only end up re-typesetting everything to my original script, making all of Fred’s efforts moot.   (Also, admittedly, I’m not the best proofreader, ‘coz I tend to speed read a lot! Photobucket)  I figured Fred did the edits, I’ll let him make the call.  Still, for those of you English purists out there (and they know who you are!):  Go easy on Fred; I could be wrong, but I don’t think English is his primary spoken or written language.

Anyhow, sorry for the long rant, but it needed to be saz… I mean… said. :p

I present to you now, Mo~tto♪Honey~Trap・ion Opel.  Initial translation by me. Edited and translation modified by Fred L.


Puberty Crazies Update:

Chapter 9 to be posted in the next day or two.  (So close!)


  • Prim’s: Hey, Prim. Long time no. Glad you liked the latest chapter of KDOS. Hopefully, Eternia’s working on Chapter 12 as of this post. I hope to work on chapters 14 and 15’s script this weekend. Photobucket
  • Zathael: Glad you like this series, Zath. Konno Azure’s definitely a favorite artist of mine!
  • WorldCalendar: Thank you for your most generous tip! I am most humbled and grateful. bow-pray

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