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Kaigo Mashimaro (version2)

A Strawberry Marshmallow Parody by Toyatei

Okay.  This is a mystery to me.  For some reason, I was missing page 19.  It’s weird to me, because during the saving process, I open the files in a group and save in a group.

Anyhow, thanks to emu001 for pointing out the missing page.

Sorry for the confusion.  ^/\^

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Kaigo Mashimaro 3

A Strawberry Marshmallow Parody by Toyatei

My usual high-stress job has been keeping me extremely busy as of late. I haven’t had much time or energy afterwards. But now that things have slowed down somewhat, I can get back to doing something I actually enjoy doing: Translating mangas I enjoy!

I’m actually in the middle of working on the 2nd part of Waver’s major project, but just to get myself back into the groove, I figured I’d quickly complete this series by Toyatei.


  • Kaigo Mashimaro 3
    • Mega
    • ImageVenue – online viewing
    • E-Hentai – online viewing
  • Kaigo Mashimaro 1-3
    • Mega

2017-1114 (HST):  Version 2 available.  Missing page added.

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Tomodachi no Mama wo Otosu

To Debauch A Friend’s Mom

No April Foolin’!  I changed the title just before uploading!

This one is by the group “Basement” (Chikashitsu), or if you shop for their stuff at DLSite, they’re listed as “Underground.” Please give them your support!

I actually completed the JPEG version back in September 2015.  This started out as a possible Sponsored Project, but I decided yesterday to make it a “labor of love” project.  Thus, I’m posting it today.  (Just as well, since I’ve been super-busy with regular life and a project for Waver.)  ^_^

The original text for this story was in the form of HTML files, to be viewed in a web-browser.  To create the JPEG version, I screen-capt each page and formatted the translation to mimic the look of the HTML pages, except modified with a much larger image.  After some months mulling it over, I even ended up re-editing the HTML files in English, too.  And last night, I decided to do a PDF version for good measure!

Also, for the English HTML version, I added the little bios of the story’s two characters, which came from the circle’s website.

A true labor of love, indeed!

But enough of my gabbing.  Enjoy!

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Saki Kusanagi – Ex-WCPO Investigator Bondage Volume 3

CGs by Kaikoh Tsukasa

Warning: This project contains S&M bondage, body mutilation, disfiguration and transformation, worms, and other disturbing, sadistic acts of torture.

Along with all the happenings of ordinary life, before Hapyoo’s and Lyteral’s projects, I had this one by Dxasmodeus. It was a long, disturbing project and not really my cup of tea; so, Lyteral’s and Hapyoo’s projects were good distractions in between. Originally, Dxasmodeus said he couldn’t find anyone else who would take it up this project; and, since he was willing to be patient, I agreed to work on it. ( Luckily, I had my evil twin handle most of the work! 😉 )

At the time I started working on this, I really didn’t bother to research who the artist was. I just took whatever files Dxasmodeus had as is–there were some he had lost during a computer crash and some mis-numbered–and translated/edited that. In fact, I really wasn’t planning on posting this at all! But now that I’m over my nightmares and mental scars have healed from the disturbing images and story, I think I can move on.

LOL! I’m kidding about the nightmares and mental scars, but during the translation of this project, certain situations of this “story” did give me the heebiejeebies.  So, now that I’ve reached the point of posting, I figured I had better do little due diligence and I looked up “WCPO” on E-Hentai.

I found the artist/group is Kaikoh Tsukasa. Most of the artwork on this commission came from his CG set “Saki Kusanagi – Ex-WCPO Investigator Bondage Volume 3.” Two of the images are actually from “Saki Kusanagi – Ex-WCPO Investigator Bondage Picture roll of the hell in restraint”…basically, Volume 1, I guess. Kusayanagi even translated one set of the artist’s work a while back.

After making sure I had the image order and file numbers correct, I went ahead and translated 3 pages that Dxasmodeus did not include, since they were simple enough, and even re-edited some of the pages that had the floating text over the image. Anyhow, I present to you Volume 3 of Saki Kusunagi’s story. Included in the file are 2 pages from Volume 1(?).

Commissioned by Dxasmodeus. English translated and edited by my evil twin.

Enjoy…if you like this sort of stuff. ^_^;;

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