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Koe De Oshigoto! Take 9, Ch54. Plus Complete Manga!

The Genius Among Ero-ge Seiyuus

As usual, I finished this a while back, but ended up being busy with other things and ended up making last-minute revisions as well.

Included in the zip file is a Version 2 of Chapter 53. In light of translating chapter 54, I ended up revising Sanae’s dialog on the first panel of page 135.

If you have collected the previous volumes, I recommend downloading the complete volume of this one as well; only because I made a slight revision to the manga jacket.

Anyhow, in this chapter, Kanna shows Shinjou what ero-ge acting is all about!

Enjoy!CHEER2-EIEIO! romanji photo thEIEIO.gif

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Muv-Luv Alternative, Vol05 Ch29

Truce / Trustworthy

Happy Halloween, y’all! DIES4 - GHOST photo 263233.gif

Got back from a long vacation about a week ago, and I don’t feel I’ve gotten any rest at all! DOWN-GIVE UP photo giveup.gif

But, it’s great to be back, and to start things off this Halloween, I present to you Chapter 29 of Muv-Luv Alternative. In this chapter, there’s a cease-fire and both Takeru and Tama struggle with inner conflicts.

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Koe De Oshigoto! Take 9, Ch53

I Want You To Know

After weeks of interruptions, and a couple of days of revisions, I finally present to you Chapter 53 of KDOS!

In this chapter, Shindou-san searches for a special meaning to ero-ge work.

Please enjoy!

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Haken No Muuko-san, Volume 2, Chapter 19

The Highest Compatibility

In light of translating this chapter, I revised a page from Volume 1–Chapter 10, page 205. The page is included in the file.  Or, if you’re so inclined, you can download Version 2 of Volume 1–links below.

Enjoy Chapter 19 of Muuko-san. HAPPY-GOODBOY photo goodboy.gif

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Yes, Virginia…There is still a Tonigobe


This summer has been über hectic…not that I drive with über or anything like that.  It’s the same old same old:  Über busy with work and family and work and more work.  FRUSTRATED-2 photo computer.gif  (And I’ll prolly end up working tomorrow, too!)  At least it’s not as stressful as the previous summer or so.

I was hoping to finish a number of projects before my October vacation–primarily Haken no Muuko-san and Koe De Oshigoto!— but at this rate, I’ll be lucky if I can get at least one chapter each in.  If I can swing it, I’ll be posting Chapter 19 of Muuko-san tomorrow, and Chapter 53 of KDOs next week.

What about Muv-Luv Alternative!?!  Since I’ll be having a month-long vacation this time around, I’ll be taking my laptop and be working on the script for Muv-Luv Alternative all next month (sans certain family reunion functions), and hopefully start working on the editing when I get back–kinda like what I did with my last vacation, some years ago.  If all goes well, I hope to have a new chapter for Volume 5 around the first week of November…along with the final chapter of Muuko-san and Chapter 54 of KDOs.

That’s all the rant for now.  I’m actually fighting a headache here.  I better hit the sack and let the aspirins kick in.  Goodnight, y’all.  Nemu1 photo sleeps.gif

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