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April 2014
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Momoiro Peanuts – Volume 1, Chapter 09, and Complete Volume

Soft In Proper Places

Well, what can I say:

  1. Although I wanted to post this 5 days ago or so, shit happens! FRUSTRATED-1 photo destroy.gif
  2. I present you the final chapter, and thus, the complete volume 1, of Momoiro Peanuts!CHEER2-EIEIO! romanji photo thEIEIO.gif
  3. Once again, many (5x plus!) thanks to Bersecker for sponsoring this chapter and for most of the manga! BOW (ONEGAI) photo onegai.gif
  4. In this chapter, Kaname’s tranny brother tries to eat Ruu!  And Ruu’s not a grade schooler!? SHOCK2 photo surprised2.gif
  5. Links! THUMBS UP! photo yay.gif

Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 5 (Complete Tankoubon)

Complete Tankoubon!

Even Dark Lord has been extremely busy–I suspect! ^_^;; He posted Chapter 36 on E-Hentai a while back (July, last year). And since it’s been a while, he recently decided to post the whole volume!

Anyhow, today, I present to you Volume 5 of Parasite Doctor Suzune. Commissioned by Dark Lord! ^_^

Many, many thanks to Dark Lord for this commission! ^/\^

Please note, unfortunately while preparing this post, I had noticed a page was missing in the file that Dark Lord had: Page 109. The RAR file I have uploaded to SendSpace, etc, is marked version 2 and should be complete.

My humblest apologies to Dark Lord for the oversight. ^/\^;;

Tsukumimi 2, Chapter 14

A Woman’s Conflict

It’s a “work free” weekend for a change! Hallelujah! \^o^/ (For those who don’t want to join me in chorus due to religious or non-religious concerns, “Halle Berry!”)

I was gonna post this last night, until I realized I had not posted Momoiro Peanuts. (There’s still much posting I need to catch up to!) And after two posts (Momoiro and Amazon) in one night, that was all the sleepy brain and body could take! And so, I present the latest chapter of Tsukumimi tonight!

In this chapter, Chiwa suspects Megumi of being a powerful rival.  (And the rack Megumi normally carries does pack a lot of power!)

A bit of useless info: This chapter is the last chapter published in the periodical (AKA trade or commercial) comics. There are two more chapters after this that were drawn exclusively for the tankoubon.

Many thanks to DionisioVega for commissioning the translation of this manga, and to Anonymous Sponsor for providing the tankoubon. ^/\^

Amazon To Be Diminished

A Dragon’s Crown Doujinshi

I promised Dxasmodeus I’d post this tonight, so here I go.

This is the first of 3 commissions by Dxasmodeus. It’s another Dragon’s Crown doujinshi by Jackasss from Comiket 85.

This one features the Amazon getting raeped by regular guys instead of ogres and minotaur, but I still had my ebil twin do the work. -_^

Many, many thanks to Dxasmodeus for this and the other translation project. ^/\^


Momoiro Peanuts – Volume 1, Chapter 08

Gen’s Past

Seriously, I’ve been so busy with everyday life, I thought I had posted this chapter a long, long, long time ago!

First off, many, many, many thanks to Bersecker for sponsoring this chapter and the last remaining this project. ^/\^

I hope to post the final chapter within week or so (time, energy, and brain cells permitting), and I hope to start work on Volume 2 soon.

In this chapter, more on Gen’s past, as told by Kaname. And we get to meet Kaname’s older…uhm…sibling.

Tsukumimi 2, Chapter 13

Megumi and Milk

Quick post. As usual I’m über busy and I was actually supposed to post this a while back. But now that I have a brief break, here is the next chapter of Tsukumimi 2, courtesy of DionisioVega.

Many thanks to DionisioVega for commissioning the translation of this manga, and to Anonymous Sponsor for providing the tankoubon. ^/\^

In this chapter, some lesbo-incest-threesome action with Megumi, Milk, and Asuma. ^_^ …oh, and some mild bestiality with free Milk and a cow. ^_^;;