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December 2014
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Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 2, Chapter 13


I almost wanted to rename this chapter “Dis Dress” (versus “Dat Dress”), but I digress…

Here is another chapter of Volume 2, courtesy of Algoz.

In this chapter, Honma closes the hospital for the day to film porno… I mean, “promo” ads. HAPPY-XD photo XD.gif

Many, many thanks to Algoz for this commission! BOW (ONEGAI) photo onegai.gif


Goddess Pleasure Life

An Ah! My Goddess! Doujinshi by Tenchuumaru

LAST YEAR, Anonymous Sponsor brought this to my attention. I thought I posted this back in May after I had posted Nightmare Of My Goddess Vol. 12. With everyday life and hard drive crash frustrations (I apparently lost my first set of JPEGs, but thankfully not my Photoshop files), I totally forgot.

No surprise there. There are other things I haven’t posted yet. However, I have decided to post this one! …Because Belldandy is important! HAPPY-PEACE photo 7018.gif

Without further ado, I present to you perhaps the one Tenchuumaru doujinshi of Ah! My Goddess that, according to Anonymous Sponsor back then, wasn’t translated, yet. (Prolly because of the heavy censorship?) Tenchuumaru did this one in a rush before Volume 8. I don’t believe it’s part of the NOMG series.

Many, many thanks to Anonymous Sponsor for this commission.


Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 2, Chapter 12


…But first, revised volumes 1, 4 and 5…
When I started translating this series, starting with Volume 4, courtesy of Dark Lord, I wasn’t sure whether to call the parasite an “insect” or a “worm,” primarily because the Japanese term for such can be both. When I did some research about the series, including watching the movie, that only made me more confused because the parasite had qualities of both a worm (such as when it’s in it larval stage) and an insect (when its an adult).

Translating Volume 2 helped settle this matter…sorta.

In any case, I went and revised all previous volumes–1, 4, and 5–to refer to the parasite as a “worm.” You can download the revised volumes via the Mega Folder (see link below). Hopefully I managed to catch all appropriate references and all my typos. ^_^;;

…Now back to our scheduled program!

Tonight, I present to you Chapter 12! Courtesy of Algoz! ^_^

In this chapter, Suzune helps a rather neet friend of Tadanao.

Once again, many, many thanks to Algoz for this commission! ^/\^


Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 2, Chapter 11


I wanted to post this a weekend or two ago, but for those of you who are kind enough to follow my little corner in cyberspace, you know how it goes!

Anyhow, here is the next chapter of Volume 2 that Algoz commissioned.

In this chapter, Suzune has to track down a patient who suddenly left the clinic, and Takaya goes mano a mano with a former pro-wrestler! ^_^

Again, many, many thanks to Algoz for this commission! ^/\^

Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 2, Chapter 10

Entertainment Pro

Suzune fans (and parasite fans, too, I guess O.o ), I present to you a treat.

Algoz commissioned me to work on Volume 2, and this is the first of many chapters from it.

In this chapter, Suzune helps out an old friend of Honma and treats a budding idol (starlet).

Many, many thanks to Algoz for this commission! ^/\^


Kisei Juui Suzune ImageBam image upload

Muv-Luv Alternative, Vol04 Ch25, and Complete Tank!

Muv-Luv Alternative Volume 4

Twins / Trust

I was hoping that Acroray would provide some feedback before I released this, but I’m guessing that he’s busier with everyday life than I am. ^_^;; And after waiting for over a month, I can wait no more!

Tonight, I present to you the final chapter of Volume 4!…plus as side-story. In this chapter, Takeru and company continue to escort the Shogun past the Hiekawa Toll Gate. Will there be fireworks?

Although I haven’t heard from him, still, many thanks to Acroray for his vast knowledge of Muv-Luv, and past feedback and proofread. Hopefully, he’ll get back to me regarding Chapter 26. Please visit him at: Muv Luv Alternative Nexus.

Enjoy! HAPPY-GOODBOY photo goodboy.gif