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August 2014
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Muv-Luv Alternative, Vol04 Ch23

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Confession / Conflict

But first… Another update:

I’m back from a long, July family vacation! And of course, I also end up getting sick for a week afterward! BARF photo vomit.gif And now that it’s August, the kids are back in school! ^ ^ And back to school means I may get a chance to get back to the hentai stuff we all love. :P …uhm, barring any major interruptions from work, which is pretty much a given. ^ ^;;

Anyhow, back to Muv-Luv Alternative…again.

I present to you a long Chapter 23. At least when I was translating and editing it back in May and June, it seemed pretty long. In the previous chapter 20, Ayamine bared her body LUST- NOSE BLEED photo 04a30356.gif; in this chapter, she bares her soul! Plus, a battle erupts in the Imperial Capital.

As always, many thanks to Acroray for his vast knowledge of Muv-Luv, feedback, and proofread of this chapter. Please visit him at: Muv Luv Alternative Nexus.

Enjoy! HAPPY-GOODBOY photo goodboy.gif

Coming Soon!

Chapter 24… Hopefully before the weekend. ^_^

Muv-Luv Alternative, Vol04 Ch22

Sovereignty / Suspicion

But first… An update:
It may be summer vacation for the kids, but not for me. TEARS-WRYYY photo wryyy.gif Family life has kept me busier than ever! (And if it’s not family, it’s work!) So much so, this is the first night I have the house to my lonely self in over a month! …which is kinda nice but sad at the same time. QUESTION MARKS photo questionmarks.gif I’m not complaining. But I do need to pass on my apologies to people who are awaiting for hentai quotes and projects to be done:  My sincerest apologies…Please be patient with me…Thank you in advance. BOW (ONEGAI) photo onegai.gif

Now back to Muv-Luv Alternative…

I present to you Chapter 22, short and sweet. Although we see Meiya get all bent out of shape in this chapter, this chapter serves as a “calm before the storm” of sorts / mega-chapters for the rest of the manga.

Many thanks to Acroray for his vast knowledge of Muv-Luv, his feedback and proofread of this chapter. Please visit him at: Muv Luv Alternative Nexus.

Enjoy! HAPPY-GOODBOY photo goodboy.gif

Muv-Luv Alternative, Vol04 Ch21

Coup D’etat / Condolence

I was hoping to post this last night, but my normal work-day ran extremely long. T_T

The file that I have uploaded includes both Chapter 21 and a revised version of Chapter 20. I only revised one page in Chapter 20, but since it’s been a while, I thought, Ah, what the heck.

Because of certain revelations I have encountered with this volume, I found myself going back to previous volumes to make revisions… …and more revisions! You can download the revised volumes via the Muv-Luv Alternative Mega Folder.

On my last Muv-Luv post, I forgot to acknowledge Acroray for proofreading, and for providing confirmation/affirmation of some of the editing decisions with the dialog. Many, many thanks to Acroray for his knowledge of Muv-Luv and for providing valuable feedback and insight. ^/\^ …And please check out his blog!


Tsukumimi 2, Chapter 16. Plus complete tankoubon!

Grand Finale

Happy Boys Day and Cinco De Mayo.

I intended to post this last night, too, but wasn’t able to. But without further ado, here is the final chapter of Tsukumimi 2!

Many, many, many thanks to Anonymous Sponsor for providing the raws, and to DionisioVega for commissioning the translation. ^/\^



I wasn’t planning on it, but I uploaded a version 2 of the Chapter 16 file to Mega, SendSpace and DepositFiles. Since Mega seems to be running properly, now, and since 2Hip brought to my attention about missing the postscript pages in the Chapter 16 file, I figured I may as well make a version 2. However, if you’re really particular, I do recommend downloading the complete manga file, because of some minor changes (at least I think they’re minor) that I made to a couple of pages from previous chapter(s).

Nightmare Of My Goddess, Volume 12

Time Of Healing

I hate to say this, but Anonymous Sponsor commissioned me to work on this back in NOVEMBER! He, Dxasmodeus, and Waver, all independently have me doing some major stuff. My apologies to all of you for being so slow. ^/\^

Anyhow, tonight I bring you NOMG V12 (or NMG as Tenchuumaru-dono abbreviates it). Commissioned by Anonymous Sponsor. Four pages of plot, 38 pages of naked-Belldandy-goodness! ^_^

Many, many thanks to Anonymous Sponsor for this commission and for his infinite amount of patience. ^/\^


Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 1 (Complete Tankoubon)

Complete Manga

Family and work life has kept me extremely busy, making it difficult for me to work on Dxasmodeus’ major projects! So what else is new! T_T

Tonight, I got a bit of a break (amazing!), so I present to you the complete Volume 1 of Parasite Doctor Suzune, courtesy of Dark Lord! ^_^

Dark Lord posted this on E-Hentai the other day. Thus far, this is the last Suzune manga he commissioned me to do.

Many, many thanks to Dark Lord for this commission! ^/\^