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February 2015
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Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 2, Chapter 17 + Complete Manga!

Beasts Who Copulate

Tonight, I present the next and final chapter of Suzune, Volume 2. Courtesy of your benevolent commissioner, Algoz. (I kinda get a kick out of saying that!)

There’s some bestiality in this chapter–or maybe it’s “amphibiality?” Anyhow with all the weirdness you’ve seen in this series thus far, don’t be surprised.

Lastly, many mucho thanks to Algoz for this commission! ^/\^


Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 2, Chapter 16

Foreboding / Information About The Insect

Suzune fans, I present to you a treat.

Another quick post before I hit the sack!

Here is chapter 16 of Volume 2, courtesy of your benevolent commissioner, Algoz! ^_^

In this chapter, Suzune learns a little more about the parasite inside her, and Aihara gets to munch on a snatch… err, snack! …A Suzune snack!

Once again, many, many, many thanks to Algoz for this commission! ^/\^


Haken No Muuko-san, Volume 2 Chapter 11

Hana-san’s Holiday!?

OMG! LOVE1 photo inlove.gif

Enjoy! ^_^

Kisei Juui Suzune – Volume 2, Chapter 15


Quick post.

Here is chapter 15 of Volume 2 for February 15 (2-15 for 2/15), courtesy of your benevolent commissioner, Algoz! ^_^

In this chapter, Suzune is held captive by a starlet and her manager (?), and by the aroma the starlet’s parasite is producing. Who will come rescue her? What happened to Kantetsu?!

Once again, many, many thanks to Algoz for this commission! ^/\^


Koe De Oshigoto! Take 8, Ch43-45

Due To A Trauma / I Will Confess / A Four-Girl Assault

As usual, things take a bit longer than anticipated, but tonight I present chapters 43 through 45 of Koe De Oshigoto! Take 8. In these chapters, Kanna and company are rehearsing, and Ayame is already making a big hit!

But, Mumei & THMMY already did these!

When I announced that I was taking up this project again, I only knew of them doing Chapters 43 & 44–that was all I had of theirs. And I said I would post starting with chapter 45.

I always intended to do my version some day, year, decade, regardless, so I tackled Chapters 43 and 44 as well. Besides, I preferred to do my version (1) to get myself back into the groove and (2) for tankoubon style and consistency sake.

So, anyhow, without further ado, please enjoy the first 3 chapters of Volume 8. Schedule permitting, I hope to start work on Chapter 46 in a couple of weeks or so.

Valkyria Chronicles 2: Aliasse Of The Blue Light Vol.02, Ch.10, Plus Extras, and Complete Manga!

Battle of Anthold Harbor / Finale

I’m a day late (maybe two by the time I’m done with this post!), but once more, following Waver’s lead and post on Batoto, I bring you the 10th and final chapter of VC2-AOTBL Vol. 2. In this chapter, Class G’s battle with the Rebel Army is in full swing and Aliasse is in the fight of her life.

To close out the manga is a funny interlude (side story).

Once more, many, many, many thanks to Waver for this commission. This was truly a fun and enjoyable project for me to work on. ^_^

Please enjoy!